Chapter 942: Imperfect Love


I woke up with a start, not exactly remembering what made me wake up in the first place.

It took me a few more moments for me to fully awaken and figure out where I was.

Looking down, I saw the faces of Tsuki and Elaria sleeping on my chest, the both of them smus.h.i.+ng their faces together just so that they could squeeze themselves as close as they could to me.

Instinctively, I tried to move my hands to pat them but found myself unable to move.

I almost shot up in panic until I realised I couldn't move because my arms were currently being used as pillows.

Nestled on top of my right arm was Eris, my swordswoman hugging my side while a face of bliss was etched on her face.

On the other side was a new addition, someone who had never joined me on the bed before this. Someone who seemed to be completely at ease right now despite the new environment they were in.

I couldn't help but grin when I saw how comfortable Brendan had settled himself into. Correction, I mean Brenda, seeing how he did switch his gender before joining us in bed last night, stating something about not wanting things to get too awkward.

Again, no, we just cuddled, that was all that happened last night.

The rest of the girls were scattered in various positions on top of the bed, all of them congregating around me to stick as close to me as possible.

I checked the window and realised the sun had yet to rise and it was probably still a few hours before dawn. Which was weird since I don't usually wake up at such a time like that by myself.

I thought about going back to sleep but figured that would be a waste since I was already awake.

I created a clone of myself inside the room and moved my consciousness there, leaving only a small part of myself on the bed to not wake the girls up.

Not knowing what to do, I decided to simply take a short walk outside before returning again.

"Ara, ara? Where is Master going I wonder?" A voice giggled from my right.

I turned to see Iris standing there, watching me with clear amus.e.m.e.nt in her eyes.

"Just for a stroll, want to join me?" I suggested.

Her eyes sparkled, "I will never say no to that, Master~"

She joined me by my side and we both exited the room silently, taking care not to wake anyone up.

The two of us moved through the hallways of the resort in silence with nothing but each other's company. Aside from a few of the night s.h.i.+ft servants, no one else was awake at this point of time.

Spotting a balcony that looked towards the sea, I moved towards it and looked out towards the waves rolling onto the beach with Iris standing a step behind me.

"You know… I realised we haven't really talked much," I muttered, though loud enough for my companion to hear.

"Ara? There's no need for us to talk, is there, Master? I know everything about Master and Master knows everything about me, so what can we talk about?"

I sighed, "Yes, I can probably just know everything about you through omniscience, but there's nothing personal about such a thing, is there?"

"I don't understand Master. Is there anything more personal than sharing our literal thoughts with each other?"

I nodded, "Listening to another's thoughts is indeed quite personal, but that's not the point. When one speaks to another, they are baring a part of themselves to you willingly. It shows their trust, their thoughts and feelings about the person they are speaking to which means much more than if you were to peer directly into their mind and force such information out of them."

Iris tilted her head, "But more often than not, people tend to tell untruths and hide things no? So isn't peeking into their minds a more accurate representation of what they think about you? After all, the mind will be completely bare in that case."

I chuckled, "That is true too, but I think we're close enough not to worry about that, yes?"

"Ufufufu~ But of course, Master~ I will never lie to you after all~ But I still do not see the point of a talk?"

"Humour me. I know the past me was not the most sociable of people, but I am now. So how about it? Care for a chat?" I asked, taking a seat on the balcony's railings and patting the spot beside me.

She giggled but moved to join my side, sitting close enough to touch shoulders with me and I had to resist putting my arm around her.

"Very well Master~ What shall we talk about?"

I thought for a moment, "How about… What about me do you like?"

"Everything," She responded instantly without a shred of doubt.

I gave her a wry smile, "Really? Even my current self that you deemed as 'imperfect'?"

"Ara? Just because my Master is a little imperfect does not mean I will stop loving you, it just means that I have to help my beloved Master return to your perfect self."

"What if I don't want to? Would you stop loving me?"

"Ufufufu~ It is impossible for me not to love you Master. Master is Master, no one can replace you and thus I can love no one else but Master. Your current self is imperfect, yes, but that does not make Master less deserving of my love."

"That is… Quite a surprise coming from you."

"Ara, ara? I never thought Master would see me that way. I suppose I can ask if Master would love those… Disciples if they were missing a limb?"

I shook my head.

"Fufufu~ Then Master understands how I feel, yes?"

"I do. But to know that this thought of mine was a surprise… Didn't you know everything about me?"

Iris's smile widened slightly, "I suppose Master has changed a little in that regard. Besides, though I may talk to you telepathically, I can only hear your surface thoughts."

"I see… But you do know that I have no intention to change back to my past self right?"

"Ufufu~ If one of your disciples refused to regrow their lost limb, what would Master do?"

I was about to answer that I would let them be but stopped myself, knowing that to be a lie. If any of my disciples were suffering from something detrimental, I would do everything I could to help them even if they did not ask for it.

"I see, I'm quite a hypocrite aren't I?" I sighed.

"Ufufufu~ Oh hardly, Master. This Universe is yours, you have every right to dictate the existence of everything within it. I simply ask that Master understand why I would wish for Master to return to your past self."

"Hmm… But my current self is arguably better, is it not?"

Iris maintained her smile at me and said only one word, "Arguably."

I shrugged, "Perhaps… You just need time to adjust to me. Besides, you do like my headpats, no?"

"Ara, ara? I cannot argue with that, indeed I do. But it is still something I am willing to give up if it meant that Master embraces your perfect self once more."

"I'll do my best to change your mind then."

"Ufufufu~ I look forward to it, Master~"

I paused, "That is to say… You're still trying to change me?"

"Ara, ara? I already said I will not give that up, didn't I, Master? But don't worry, I am patient. I am sure it is just a matter of time~"

Hmm… I guess she's hoping  that after several centuries or millennia the feeling of having lived for so long would affect me enough to change me.

Guess I'll just do my best not to do that.

We smiled at each other before I turned towards the sea, simply enjoying the rest of the night with Iris beside me and only returning to bed when the sky was starting to change colours.

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