Chapter 937: Time To Check Your Progress


I returned to where my disciples were after my long walk, quickly realising that their volleyball game had already ended.

I also spotted Eris and Tsuki amongst them, so I a.s.sume they had decided to join the game after they had recovered from our… Workout.

Even Lilith and Guiying looked to have partic.i.p.ated too, while Cai Hong seemed to be only there as a spectator for their game.

Seeing that they were gathered around a small pile of what looked like destroyed b.a.l.l.s, I didn't need to ask to know what happened.

"I even prepared spares this time and you guys still managed to break all of them?! I know Onii-sama is a genius but to make all of you so much stronger in such a short time?!" Elaria wailed, though she didn't really sound that upset.

If I had to guess, she was more excited to know that she could still make improvements to it.

Kiyomi sighed exaggeratedly, "So… What's the final score?"

Brendan scratched the back of his head, "Well… If we are counting the points for the penalties… This makes the score ummm… negative thirty to negative thirty… A tie."

Diao Chan pouted, "Aren't you going to count the one I scored? The ball technically only exploded after it hit their side of the court!"

Brendan shook his head, "Sorry senior sister, but the ball exploded just before it touched the ground so that one doesn't count."

"What about mine?! Manami received mine before it exploded, so technically she should get the penalty right?" Lian Li protested.

Manami giggled, "Ara, ara? My apologies my dear, but the blow still came from you so it's your penalty."

The golden haired G.o.ddess grumbled but made no further comments.

I decided that was the time to make myself known and made my way towards them.

Cai Hong was the first to spot me since she wasn't engaged in the argument about the points.

"Papa!!" She squealed, running towards me to hug my waist.

"Ehehe~ Papa! Papa!"

I patted her head just as the rest of my disciples turned their attention to me.


And just like that I got swarmed in a group hug. This time, I didn't even stop Diao Chan even when she started groping my b.u.t.t.

"So, had fun?" I asked.

"Ufufufu~ It would have been more fun with you around, Master~" Manami replied instantly, her tone insinuating exactly what kind of fun she was referring to.

I cleared my throat, "Right… So shall we call it a day?"

Lian Li pulled back suddenly, "Before that Master, could you tell us who won the match?"

The rest of my disciples also pulled back to look at me, clearly antic.i.p.ating my answer.

I raised an eyebrow, "You mean the volleyball match you guys were playing just now?"

They nodded.

"Err… I wasn't here to watch it right? So I wouldn't know, would I?"

"But who does Master believe to have won?" Diao Chan asked, looking a little desperate. The fact that she had even stopped groping me to listen to me was a clear indication that this was quite important to them for some reason.

I looked pointedly at the pile of destroyed b.a.l.l.s, "I believe the final score was a tie, isn't it?"

"But if Onii-sama were to give a winning point to one of the teams, who would it be?" Elaria asked, just as desperately.

I frowned at them, "Ok… I don't get why you're asking me this. I don't even know who was on whose team and why does it matter that it's a tie anyway?"

"Because this was a game to decide who would be the ones sleeping by your sides tonight, Master," Brendan sighed.

His words instantly caused all the girls to glare at him.

My alchemist flinched, "Oh… Err… I wasn't supposed to tell Master that? Umm… I'm sorry…"

I chuckled, "Oh, is that the reason? You do know I can just clone myself so you each have one of me to yourselves right?"

"That's not it, Master. We wanted to have a group cuddle," Eris whined.

"And the game was just to decide who would be occupying the most prime locations for tonight. In other words, the Prime Sleeping Spots," Kiyomi added with a straight face.

'Prime sleeping spots'? Ah, she must be referring to the places that were closest to me, namely my sides and on top of me.

"Well… Why not just draw lots like usual?" I suggested.

"And leave it up to chance? Not today!" Tsuki scoffed, hugging me even tighter. "We settle this with a trial by combat I say!"

"Yes! I shall not agree to another one determined by luck alone!" Guiying agreed.

"I agree!" Lilith exclaimed, burrowing her face into my side. "I won't let this go without a fight!"

I paused for a moment to consider that, "Actually… That might not be a bad idea."

All of my disciples stopped what they were doing to stare at me.

I shrugged, "All of you have been growing quite strong, right? And if the destroyed b.a.l.l.s were any indication, all of you are having quite a difficult time controlling this new strength of yours."

All of them blushed a little at my words, knowing it to be true.

Pretending not to notice, I continued, "So let's have a little spar again. That should give you all the chance to adjust to your new strength."

My disciples looked at one another before Brendan turned to me, "Ah… Wouldn't this be a bit unfair for them though, Master? Senior sisters are not exactly equal in strength so having them spar against each other is a little…"

"Oh, make no mistake, your opponent shall be me."

They blinked at me.

Before they could start protesting, I lifted a finger to stop them so that I could tell them my plan.

"Alright, there's four places you're fighting for, so the first four to land a clean hit on me will be counted as the winners. I will not use any reality bending, time manipulation or anything related to Origin, limiting myself to only the strength and capabilities of an average Master Pract.i.tioner. All of you are free to do whatever you can to claim those four spots. Good enough?"

Kiyomi raised her hand slightly, "We can do… Anything?"

"Yes, of course."

Lian Li pursed her lips, "But wouldn't that destroy this island, Master? And… And I don't want to hurt Master…"

I smirked and snapped my fingers, teleporting us to a separate dimension that I had just created, imitating an uninhabited island surrounded by water. In this s.p.a.ce, there is no one else here but us.

"There. Separate dimension and a law in place where no one can get hurt. Good enough?"

Tsuki fiddled with her hands, "But still… To raise our hands against Aniue…"

I waved her concerns away, "This is also my way of checking the progress of everyone and I'd think none of you would want to give me a reason to be disappointed in any way right?"

All of them quickly shook their heads and moved to prepare themselves.

"Perfect then. Any other questions?"

"Yes… Umm… Why am I here?" Brendan asked, raising his hand.

"Come now Brendan, are you telling me you have no interest in this compet.i.tion too?" I chuckled.

He didn't answer but he got ready like the rest of the girls.

I nodded at them and gave out a single command.


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