Chapter 865: Let's Test Him

(Sect Mistress of Moonlight Sisterhood Sect POV)

"What is the meaning of this, Sect Mistress Mu?" Sect Master Suo of the Twilight Sword Sect demanded.

Always the impatient one despite his looks,I really wonder how his stay on him without falling off with how agitated he constantly is.

I nodded at Elder Ying, "Tell them what you told me."

She nodded her head quickly, "Yes Sect Mistress! Umm… My greetings to Sect Master--"

"Just get to the point," Sect Master Buo of the Eternal Brotherhood Sect interrupted.

As impatient as always, brother…

Elder Ying bowed her head, "Y… Yes! Umm… That man… He… He is suppressing his Cultivation aura intentionally… His real strength is much more frightening…"

All of us turned back to look at the boy who was currently flirting with that woman beside him without a care in the world.

Elder Ying has been my sworn sister ever since we knew each other and I would trust her with my life. It is only because of this trust that I accepted her words without question when she ran to me just now. But right now, just by looking at the boy… Isn't his Cultivation aura similar to that of someone who has never cultivated?

Even if one were to suppress their cultivation aura, the maximum that we have ever seen is suppressing it by two Realms and no more than that. The fact that he feels like a non-Pract.i.tioner must mean that his maximum strength is only around the Mountain Realm.

That would obviously be the most logical conclusion of course. But for Elder Ying who is in the first stage of the Heaven Realm to be so afraid of him… It must not be that simple of a case.

There's also the fact that he reached up here with that group of people he calls disciples faster than my own Sect did.

Those disciples of his were definitely strong, each of them no less than a Star Realm, so it could be possible that these people carried him up here.

I really can't tell how strong he actually is.

Is he really as terrifying as Elder Ying claims him to be? Or did he manage to fool her with some kind of trick?

Most likely coming to the same conclusion as me, Sect Master Xing of The Sect Sect turned back to regard to Elder Ying, "Are you sure you are not mistaken?"

Elder Ying nodded her head quickly, "His… His aura… Reminded me of the Demon G.o.d…"

All of us widened our eyes.

Sect Master Jing of the Golden Ascension Sect furrowed his brows, "Are you absolutely sure?!"

"Yes, Sect Master Jing… If you recall… I was there in the fight against the Demon G.o.d too… I remember it well…"

Demon G.o.d… That was an existence that Pract.i.tioners like us will never forget.

Till this day, we do not know if that being was human or not. But someone who had powers beyond what anyone could ever imagine had descended upon the Cloud Plane several centuries ago to cause chaos.

It needed all five of our Sects working together to finally kill that Demon G.o.d, a testament to how strong that being really was.

For Elder Ying to compare this man to that being… She must be really serious.

"What did you see?" I asked her as gently as I could. The fight with the Demon G.o.d was quite a traumatic experience to a number of the Pract.i.tioners who partic.i.p.ated, even someone like Elder Ying was not immune to it.

"When… When he stopped suppressing his Cultivation aura… I was standing at least twenty metres away from him and I was still swallowed up by it…"

Our shock grew even more.

As if that wasn't enough, she continued, "What's more… It felt like even then he was still suppressing it… That was still not his full strength…"

This can't be… Even the Demon G.o.d only had an aura that reached to around eight metres away from his body… For this man to have such a large and profound Cultivation aura… Just what kind of expert is he?!

Could it be… There are cultivation realms above Divine? Could we merely be scratching at the surface of cultivation while this man has already surpa.s.sed us by leaps and bounds?

Could he be… A true G.o.d?

Sect Master Suo adjusted his spectacles with his hand, "Hmph… I sincerely do not believe someone of such power could have gone unnoticed by us. Haven't we strengthened our surveillance ever since the Demon G.o.d appeared? If he truly was that strong, we would have found him long ago!"

Sect Master Jing nodded, "I agree. If he is so strong, what is he doing in a place like this? He gains nothing from it."

"For those disciples of his, perhaps?" I suggested.

"That still doesn't make any sense," Sect Master Buo disagreed. "He could have trained them on his own, there's no need for him to bring them here."

Sect Master Xing stroked his long beard thoughtfully, "What if we asked for a spar with him? Surely that will reveal his strength somewhat?"

"That sounds like a good idea, but who would go?" I asked.

"I will. I can't stand his att.i.tude towards us!" Sect Master Suo growled. "If he's a sham, I'll expose him and crush him beneath my heel!"

"You and your grudges. You really are pathetic," Sect Master Xing sighed.

We may look like we were cordial with each other now but make no mistake, aside from Sect Master Buo and I, all of us despise one another.

The only reason why we're even hanging out like this is so that we can try and find weaknesses in the other parties to exploit them.

If any of us were presented with an opportunity to kill another, we would take it without question.

Sect Master Suo glared at Sect Master Xing, "How about I fight you instead? Let me just cut off that stupid long beard of yours and use it to hang your neck with!"

"You can't even last three rounds against me!"

"Let's go then!"

"Enough! Don't forget what we were talking about just now!" Sect Master Jing cut in.

"Tsk, senile old man. Just watch me!" Sect Master Suo seethed, turning to storm towards the man.

The stranger raised an eyebrow at Sect Master Suo when he got closer, the man not even feeling threatened by the pressure Sect Master Suo was exuding.

I can't tell if the man really was that strong to be unfettered by such pressure or he was just oblivious to it.

Sect Master Suo pointed his finger at the stranger, "You! I request a spar with you!"

Good, now we can see how strong he really is and if we should--

"Not interested, f.u.c.k off."


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