Uncle Wang looked at Xia Wanyuan with a complicated expression. After all, Young Master had given a clear order not to allow this woman to come near the manor.

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As Xia Wanyuan was afraid of the Young Master, she had indeed never set foot here before. What was going on today?

Uncle Wang walked quickly to the door and wiped the expression off his face. “Miss Xia, Young Master is still in the office. If you have anything to say, you can tell me. I will pass it on.”

Xia Wanyuan raised an eyebrow. Uncle Wang clearly had no intention of opening the door for her. Was it under Jun Shiling’s orders?

But last night, when she was video-chatting with Xiao Bao, he had told her to come and pick him up directly.

“That’s fine, it’s nothing much.”

Forget it, she decided to return to the apartment first. Xia Wanyuan did not pester him further and turned to leave.

On the other side of the door, Uncle Wang was a little surprised. He had seen Xia Wanyuan once before, and her antics left a deep impression. But the current Xia Wanyuan actually had a faint elegant and indifferent temperament.

Just before she left, a limousine slowly drove over from afar.

Uncle Wang cursed in his heart. Young Master hated this woman the most. If Young Master saw Xia Wanyuan, he would be in trouble. He gestured for the bodyguards to open the door and Uncle Wang walked out, waiting respectfully.

Jun Shiling, who would usually work overtime until late at night, had unexpectedly left work early today to fetch Jun Yin and take him home.

“Mommy!” Xiao Bao’s voice broke the silence in the car.

Looking up from the document, Jun Shiling saw Xia Wanyuan standing by the roadside.

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After not seeing her for more than half a month, this woman seemed to have lost some weight, making her collarbones appear thinner.

She was wearing a sky-blue dress with rose petals on it. Her long black hair was draped over her shoulders. As the breeze blew, the hem of her dress flew up slightly, making her look charming and enchanting.

When the car reached the entrance, it did not drive straight in. Instead, it stopped beside Xia Wanyuan.

A pair of tiny shoes printed with Ultraman jumped out of the car.

“Mommy, I missed you so much!”

Before Xia Wanyuan could react, Xiao Bao was already hugging her leg. He looked up, and his large eyes were filled with pure longing.

Xia Wanyuan smiled and gently held Xiao Bao’s hand. “Mommy missed you too.”

Uncle Wang, who was standing at the side, watched this scene in shock. Why was Little Master so close to Xia Wanyuan?

He stepped forward and looked warily at Xia Wanyuan, afraid that she would do something to hurt the little master.

Unexpectedly, another figure alighted from the car. “Young Master?!” Uncle Wang couldn’t help but exclaim.

Jun Shiling worked until late every day. That was the first time he had returned to the manor before the sky turned dark.

Xia Wanyuan also raised her head to look at Jun Shiling. As usual, he was dressed in a black suit, giving him a cold and arrogant aura. His perfect facial features exuded coldness.

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“I’ll bring him back to the apartment for a few days,” Xia Wanyuan spoke first.

“He didn’t eat much for lunch. Let him eat first before leaving,” Jun Shiling glanced at Jun Yin and said.

“Mommy, I’m not hungry. Let’s go!” All Xiao Bao wanted was to go home and play with Xia Wanyuan.


Jun Shiling glanced at his son, and Jun Yin suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. He couldn’t help but hug Xia Wanyuan’s legs even more tightly.


“Young Master, Miss Xia, the food is ready. Why don’t you eat before leaving?”

Uncle Wang suddenly had an epiphany. He recalled the woman’s voice he had heard on Young Master’s phone half a month ago. ‘Could it be Miss Xia?!’ His attitude toward Xia Wanyuan immediately changed.

“Okay.” Xia Wanyuan was not very hungry herself. She had eaten several oranges earlier in the car, but she was afraid that the child would be hungry, so she agreed readily.

Still holding onto Xiao Bao’s hand, she walked in. Compared to what she saw outside, the interior of the manor looked more exquisite and beautiful.

From the south to the north, beside the river that flowed around the border of the manor, there were willow trees and all kinds of flowers. The willow branches hung low, sweeping on a patch of green land.

It was a very large and well-maintained garden. There were towering trees and small flowers on the ground, which raced to bloom in the spring season. Not far away on the lawn was Xiao Bao’s toy car.

The scene left Xia Wanyuan speechless. During this period of time, she had also acquainted herself with the property prices in Beijing. In such a place where every inch of land was worth gold, to actually have such a large manor, one could see just how rich the Jun family was.

Xiao Bao held Xia Wanyuan’s hand and trotted into the house as he wanted to show her his newly assembled Lego. Xia Wanyuan smiled as she ran with him, and her long and slender legs tapped on the gravel road.

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Jun Shiling, who followed them into the house expressionlessly, suddenly frowned. “Jun Yin, why are you running? Can’t you walk properly?”

Upon hearing Jun Shiling’s reprimand, Xiao Bao shrunk his head slightly and slowed down.

The interior of the room was decorated in a European style. The tall marble pillars supported the surroundings, and the huge chandelier lit up the room.

This was the first time the servants in the house had seen a woman from outside. They were all extremely puzzled, but they still maintained a calm smile on the surface.

“The food is ready.”

When Xia Wanyuan came back from washing Xiao Bao’s hands, Jun Shiling was already seated at the dining table.

“Mommy, eat this.” Xia Wanyuan had never been to the manor before. Like a little master of the house, Xiao Bao used his small hands to serve her food with chopsticks.

“Eat this and this too.” Xiao Bao’s hands were small, so the food he picked up with his chopsticks dropped as he was aiming for the bowl. In the end, there was only a small piece left in Xia Wanyuan’s bowl.

But Xia Wanyuan enjoyed the child’s kindness.

The Jun family’s kitchen was filled with chefs from all over the world. Naturally, the quality of the dishes could not be compared to those outside. Xia Wanyuan was very satisfied with her meal.

“Jun Yin, sit properly. The food is all over the place.” Jun Shiling couldn’t stand Xiao Bao’s habit of fidgeting around when eating.

“Daddy, don’t be jealous. I’ll get you a piece too.”

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As Xiao Bao spoke, he put a prawn into Jun Shiling’s bowl.

“…” Jun Shiling’s expression darkened, but Xiao Bao maintained his expression, which seemed to say ‘Daddy, why are you so easily jealous at such an old age?’ Xia Wanyuan secretly laughed at the side.

Jun Shiling gave his son a warning look, but still put the prawn into his mouth.

Uncle Wang, who was watching their interaction, was surprised and emotional. When he saw Xiao Bao putting food into Jun Shiling’s bowl, Uncle Wang even turned his back and secretly wiped his tears.

Jun Shiling’s parents had died early. The Jun family was a big family and Jun Shiling was Old Master’s favorite grandson. Everyone was afraid of him and schemed against him. Although he loved his grandson, Old Master was busy with work and he did not have time to care more about him.

Uncle Wang watched his young master grow into an outstanding but cold person. It was as if other than leading the Jun Corporation, there was nothing else that could stir his emotions.

But now, the young master had made him feel the warmth of a father. As an elder who had watched Jun Shiling grow up, how could he not be moved?

The weather in Beijing was unpredictable. It was just gloomy a moment ago, but now it was raining heavily.

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