“There’s no need. I can do it myself.”

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Xia Wanyuan felt that Jun Shiling had been acting a little abnormally these few days.

Xia Wanyuan looked up, the water on her hair flowing down her shoulders.

Jun Shiling didn’t speak and went to the bedroom to get the hairdryer.

Seeing this, Xia Wanyuan did not decline and moved her body slightly towards the bed. Since it was inconvenient for her to move, it did not matter who helped her.

Jun Shiling’s actions were very gentle. Xia Wanyuan only felt a pair of hands gently brushing past her head. The warm wind blew against her ear, making her feel a little sleepy.

Time passed slowly, and Jun Shiling felt that the hair in his hand had slowly become smooth and soft. His large hand passed through his ink-black hair, letting it fly between them.

One or two strands of fragrant hair drifted along the wind to Jun Shiling’s chin, tickling him. Jun Shiling’s ink-black eyes were deep and unreadable.


After a long time, Xia Wanyuan felt that her head was no longer wet.

“Mm.” Jun Shiling turned off the heater, and the soft hair slowly fell from his hand. A strange sense of loss surged in Jun Shiling’s heart.

Xia Wanyuan did not have many schedules to begin with, and with her injured leg, she might as well rest in the manor for the next few days. She was so bored that she had to watch several television dramas.

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While she was taking her time, the outside world was abuzz with commotion. There were several major incidents.

There had been rumors in the capital city that the young master of the Bo family, Bo Xiao, was going to return after five years, but no one had any definite news. It was only when that arrogant and familiar face appeared at the capital airport that the news was confirmed.

Everyone in the Bo family, who were gossiping and eating melon seeds, could sit there and chat for the entire afternoon. Since Bo Xiao was a lawless person, everyone felt that there was going to be a good show to watch.

Another piece of news was that the global billionaires rankings had come out last year. In China, more than a dozen magnates had entered the top 100 in the world.

Normally, no one would pay attention to this ranking. At most, they would worship and envy it. After all, it had nothing to do with ordinary people.

But this year, the world’s tenth most wealthy Chinese man caused an uproar online.

The reason was that the rankings were displayed in photos of the rich.

The name of the man ranked tenth was Jun Shiling.

And in the accompanying photos…

man in a suit seemed to be looking at the camera casually. His dark pupils were deep and the cold glint in his eyes added a sense of coldness. His high nose bridge and well-defined lips made him look strong and determined.

[ Oh my god!!!! This must be the legendary overbearing CEO! ]

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[ In a sea of geezers, this person is simply handsome beyond comparison. ]

[ Even if they put him in the entertainment industry, he would still be extremely handsome. Boohoo, Mommy, I want to bear his children. ]

[ God opened a window for him. The window was the huge villa that God had built for him. Boohoo, why is there such a huge difference between people? ]

[ Everyone, check his resume. This person isn’t the successor of a traditional rich second-generation heir. The Jun Corporation’s market value has at least doubled after he took over. He’s too amazing! ]

Some people commented on Jun Shiling’s educational background since he was young, as well as the series of investments and acquisitions he had done after taking over the Jun Corporation.

After reading it, the netizens exclaimed that this should have been created by Nuwa using her heart’s blood when she created people, and that they were made of mud.

[ You superficial people, I don’t care if he’s handsome or not. I only care if he’s ranked tenth on the global rich list. ]

[ My husband is the tenth most powerful person in the world. I’m also the tenth most powerful person in the world. ]

[ What are you saying? Because of what you said, Jun Shiling went home and coaxed me for an hour, before doing it successfully , do you know that? ]

In just half an hour, the name “Jun Shiling” had climbed to the top of the search rankings. Moreover, no matter which celebrity held a concert, who announced their relationship, and whose fans were arguing, no one had been able to shake this top trending spot for the past 24 hours.

Everyone searched for Jun Shiling’s Weibo on Weibo, but they realized that this big boss actually did not have a Weibo account. Instead, the official Weibo account of the Jun Corporation was pulled out from the sea of people, and everyone flooded the Weibo page asking the CEO of the Jun Corporation to open a Weibo account.

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Some passers-by who were unaware clicked on it and sighed.

Oh, this superficial world. 

No, in this world where money was everything,

Forget it, in this world where looks and money were everything, God, you’re too biased! You can even give me one!

The protagonist who was in the whirlpool of public opinion did not care about the commotion on the Internet at all. Jun Shiling did not even download Weibo.

He was buried in his desk, flipping through the company’s quarterly report with a serious expression, ignoring Bo Xiao, who was sitting beside the sofa with his legs crossed, looking for him to speak to.

“No, my life savior. I traveled so far back to China. Why are you so emotionless? I’ve been sitting here for a long time. Is this how the Jun Corporation treats people?”

Bo Xiao felt uncomfortable sitting there, so he lay down on the sofa and looked at his brother whom he had not seen in five years. He sighed in his heart. This ten-thousand-year-old iceberg was still as cold as before.

The Bo family was a mess. Bo Xiao was often bullied when he was young. There was even one time when he was pushed into the lake in the middle of winter. It was cold and there were few people there. If Jun Shiling had not passed by and sent him to the hospital, he would have died that winter when he was seven years old.

Later on, Bo Xiao was brought back by the Bo family and became a seemingly glorious young master. He still remembered how Jun Shiling had saved his life back then. Over the years, he was considered the only friend who had gotten close to Jun Shiling.

Unfortunately, five years ago, after his mother passed away due to illness, his father brought back the mistress and illegitimate child he had hidden away for many years. Bo Xiao caused a scene at his father’s wedding and caused a huge commotion in Beijing. The old master of the Bao family then made the decision to send him abroad.

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“You’re really amazing. You were still a pampered young master five years ago, but now you’ve developed the Jun Corporation so well.”

Bo Xiao looked around the office and could not help but click his tongue. Jun Shiling was what the older generation in Beijing called “their child” [1. ‘their child’ is used in sentences like, why is their child so amazing but you are useless, and were said by their parents to the children.].

“Why haven’t you left?”

Jun Shiling had already checked the quarterly reports of the few subsidiary companies. When he looked up again, the sky was already red from the setting sun, while Bo Xiao was still lying on the sofa, playing games with his headphones on.

“Where am I going? I haven’t seen you in five years. Shouldn’t you treat me well? I heard that you bought a house in Beijing. I’m poor and ignorant. I want to see what a luxurious house looks like.”

Bo Xiao took off his headphones and grinned at Jun Shiling, revealing a row of bright white teeth.

Jun Shiling couldn’t be bothered with him. He looked at the time on his watch, stood up, and prepared to go home.

Ignoring Jun Shiling’s attitude, Bo Xiao decisively sold off his teammates in the game and followed Jun Shiling into the car.

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