“I didn’t bring a gift today. Next time, Uncle will prepare an amazing gift for you.” Bo Xiao’s heart trembled when he saw how soft Xiao Bao looked.

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“Okay, Uncle,” Xiao Bao answered obediently and looked curiously at this uncle he had never seen before.

“The food is ready.” By the time Xiao Bao reached home, the servants had already prepared the food.

“Alright, time to eat!”

Xiao Bao jumped out of Jun Shiling’s arms, but was pressed back by Jun Shiling’s large hand. “Go and wash your hands first.”

“Okay.” Xiao Bao obediently followed the nanny to wash his hands.

Xia Wanyuan removed the blanket and tried to get up. After a few days of rest, Xia Wanyuan’s feet had recovered a lot, but it was still difficult for her to walk normally.

Without a word, Jun Shiling stepped forward and picked Xia Wanyuan up.

The smell of a mature man’s cologne filled her nose. Involuntarily, Xia Wanyuan hugged Jun Shiling’s shoulders.

“That can’t be. I’m still single. It’s simply a scene of dog abuse.”

Although Jun Shiling still had a cold expression, Bo Xiao could clearly sense that the coldness Jun Shiling had always carried outside had disappeared in Xia Wanyuan.

In the past, when Bo Xiao was feeling elated, he had thought that Jun Shiling would always be alone. Who would have thought that not only did Jun Shiling find such a beautiful wife, but he also had an adorable son?

Jun Shiling carried Xia Wanyuan to the dining table and sat down, not giving Bo Xiao a single glance.

“Uncle, don’t be envious. You will be as happy as my parents.”

Xiao Bao had also washed his hands. He walked to Bo Xiao, grabbed his sleeve, and looked up at him as he spoke seriously.

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Bo Xiao lowered his head and saw Xiao Bao looking at him with his round eyes. He was amused by his serious expression and hugged Xiao Bao. “Why is your little mouth so sweet? You didn’t inherit anything from your father.”

“Because I just ate milk candy!” Xiao Bao’s cute voice made Bo Xiao laugh.

As there were guests, there was a huge table of dishes prepared in the kitchen.

It was not convenient for Xia Wanyuan to pick up food. Not only did Xiao Bao eat obediently himself, but he also picked up Xia Wanyuan’s favorite dishes from time to time. Because he was afraid that Jun Shiling would be jealous, he even raised his chubby little hand to serve Jun Shiling delicious meat from time to time.


Xiao Bao felt that he was really busy with his meal.

“Eat your food.”

Jun Shiling frowned and looked at Xiao Bao unhappily. He had just learned how to use chopsticks, yet he kept putting food into other people’s bowls.

“Mommy likes to eat pork ribs, but she can’t get any.”

Xiao Bao pouted. It’s not like I want to eat it myself. Daddy is bad. 

Jun Shiling glared at Xiao Bao, then picked up the common chopsticks and picked up a few pieces of pork ribs for Xia Wanyuan.

“Daddy, there are prawns too.”

Jun Shiling picked up another prawn for Xia Wanyuan.

Only then did Xiao Bao eat his food in peace.

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Later on, without Xiao Bao’s reminder, Jun Shiling would add her favorite dishes when he saw that Xia Wanyuan’s bowl was empty.

Bo Xiao watched the interaction between the three of them. Although they did not do anything serious or say anything emotional, there was an invisible warmth flowing between the three of them. Bo Xiao felt a little envious.

It was peaceful here, but the Bo family was in turmoil because of Bo Xiao’s return.

“Hubby, because of that brat five years ago, we didn’t even get to hold our wedding. You can’t let him bully us again this time.”

Mo Ling’s eyes were filled with hatred, but her hand was gentle as she clung onto Bo Qing’s shoulder.

She had been following Bo Qing for decades without a name and had thought that she would never be able to see the light of day in her life. Who would have thought that Bo Qing’s first wife would be sick and die? She had successfully entered the Bo family and become the legitimate Madam Bo, even giving Bo Yi a proper status.

Five years ago, on the day of her and Bo Qing’s wedding, that brat had gotten someone to smash the wedding venue before the wedding, making her a laughing stock in Beijing.

She hated Bo Xiao to the core, but the old master of the Bao family had protected that brat and sent him abroad. Now, he was back.

Over the years, Mo Ling had gradually stabilized her position as the wife of the Bao family. A cold glint flashed across her eyes. This time, she was going to make that scoundrel pay the price. She would never let him steal any of the Bo family’s assets.

I have to save them for Yi’er, Mo Ling thought.

“Aiya, Xiao’er was young and reckless back then. His mother just passed away, so he definitely couldn’t accept it. Just bear with it.”

Back then, Bo Qing still felt a little guilty towards Bo Xiao. After all, the original wife had just died less than a year ago, and her mistress and illegitimate child had already entered the family. Furthermore, this illegitimate child was actually around the same age as Bo Xiao. This was very intriguing.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Upon hearing Bo Qing’s words, Mo Ling’s heart turned cold. He was asking me to endure it again! Back then, in order to marry the daughter of a rich family, Bo Qing made her endure the pain and watch her lover marry someone else. She could only endure it.

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It had been almost twenty years since then. She could not bear to see the light of day and could only watch Bo Qing and another woman act out their love on the news. He made her endure it. For Yi’er’s sake, she endured it.

Now that she had taken over the position of Mrs. Bo and Bo Yi had become the legitimate young master of the Bo family, how could she bear with it? That was impossible.

However, Mo Ling did not rebut Bo Qing. Bo Qing was a playboy, but after so many years of being by Bo Qing’s side, she had never fallen. In the end, she even successfully sat on the position of Mrs. Bo because she relied on this “thoughtfulness”.

“Yi’er is coming back tomorrow. I heard that the movie Yi’er filmed this time has a box office earnings of over a hundred million. Hubby, isn’t our Yi’er especially amazing?”

At the mention of Bo Yi, pride flashed across Mo Ling’s face. Bo Yi had completely inherited her good looks and had been sent into the entertainment industry by her since he was young.

With Bo Yi’s good looks and the fact that Mo Ling would buy marketing strategies for her son behind his back, he quickly became popular. He had many fans online and was considered a popular idol in the new generation.

In the beginning, Bo Qing did not like Bo Yi’s profession. The older generation felt that actors were not decent enough.

However, times were still developing. In recent years, Bo Qing’s film company had been incurring losses. Unexpectedly, after filming a few films with Bo Yi, a large number of fans had made a lot of money for the Bo family’s film company, and Bo Qing had slowly accepted Bo Yi.

“Mm, he’s quite charismatic for this movie. His fans have contributed a lot to the box office. This time, the project I invested in has made money. When Yi’er comes back tomorrow, I’ll reward him well.”

“Okay, Hubby.” Mo Ling hugged Bo Qing’s neck happily and planted a kiss on his face.

Bo Qing was touched by the warmth on his face. He lowered his head to kiss Mo Ling’s face, but he suddenly stopped when he saw the wrinkles on Mo Ling’s face that couldn’t be covered by the layers of foundation.

It’s still better to kiss the Xiao Qin I met at the clubhouse yesterday. Bo Qing thought to himself as he got up and tidied his clothes. “Alright, I’ll be back tomorrow. There’s a meeting at the company tonight, so I won’t be coming back to sleep.”

With that, Bo Qing picked up his suit and left the house while the chauffeur rushed towards a famous clubhouse.

Women were the most sensitive and meticulous, not to mention a woman like Mo Ling, who was used to observing people and being considerate.

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The moment Bo Qing stepped back, she sensed his disdain. Mo Ling picked up the plate beside her and threw it away. “B*tch!”

In the manor, Jun Shiling was busy dealing with the company’s documents in the living room by the window after dinner.

A servant wanted to remind Jun Shiling to go to the study, but Uncle Wang stopped him.

“He doesn’t need a reminder.”

Uncle Wang looked at Jun Shiling from afar. In the past, Young Master always worked in the study alone. How could he not know that the study was quiet?

However, Young Master had been alone for too long. He had never experienced the gentleness of the world. He must be extremely greedy.

Bo Xiao liked to play with Xiao Bao, and Xiao Bao liked to play with this beautiful uncle too. After dinner, the two of them sat on the carpet and played with Xiao Bao’s plane and train.

These were all things that Bo Xiao had played with when he was young. Bo Xiao casually controlled the plane to fly at all sorts of tricky angles and postures, causing Xiao Bao to exclaim repeatedly.

It was inconvenient for Xia Wanyuan to move her legs. She quietly leaned on the sofa and watched a new drama with great interest.

Jun Shiling occasionally pulled himself out of the complicated documents and saw the scene in front of him. Although the room was noisy, he felt his heart calm down.

There was a smile on his face that he did not notice.

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