Chapter 75: Coaxing

“You’re hurting me.” Jun Shiling seemed to be trying his best to suppress his anger. He did not notice that he had grabbed Xia Wanyuan too tightly and was pulled into the car. Xia Wanyuan’s wrist was still in Jun Shiling’s grip, and she could not help but cry out in pain.

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“Are you alright?” Jun Shiling only reacted after hearing Xia Wanyuan’s words and hurriedly let go of her hand.

Xia Wanyuan rolled up her sleeves, and her wrist was a little red.

When Jun Shiling saw Xia Wanyuan’s hand, the anger in his eyes dissipated and was replaced with guilt. “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.”

“I’m fine.” It was just a little red, but it wasn’t that serious. Furthermore, Xia Wanyuan could tell that Jun Shiling was so angry because he was worried about her, so she didn’t blame Jun Shiling.

In the manor, Uncle Wang was leisurely watering the flowers when the door slowly opened and Jun Shiling’s car drove into the manor.

The car door opened and Jun Shiling got out first. Uncle Wang had watched Jun Shiling grow up, so he could naturally tell that Jun Shiling was extremely angry. He was about to go forward and ask if anything had happened.

Jun Shiling placed his hand on the car door and helped Xia Wanyuan get out.

Uncle Wang picked up the kettle that had been placed on the shelf.

He was already an old man, so he wouldn’t be a third wheel anymore. Let the young people settle their own problems.

After entering the house, Xia Wanyuan asked Nanny Li to prepare some food for her. After meeting Xia Fu, she went to the office. She hadn’t eaten lunch yet and was a little hungry.

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Upon hearing that Xia Wanyuan had gone to that lousy place and had not even eaten lunch, the coldness on Jun Shiling’s face grew. However, considering that Xia Wanyuan was eating, he did not say anything. He took his computer and went to work under the small gazebo in the garden.

Xia Wanyuan ate her fill and finally felt her stomach warm up.

“Nanny Li, your food is getting more and more delicious.” Xia Wanyuan smiled at Nanny Li.

Nanny Li smiled kindly. “It’s good that Madam doesn’t mind.” Ever since she arrived at the manor, everyone had addressed Xia Wanyuan as Madam. Having seen how everyone treated Xia Wanyuan these few days, Nanny Li naturally had an idea of Xia Wanyuan’s status, so she had changed her way of addressing her.

“Where’s Jun Shiling?” When Xia Wanyuan returned, she could clearly sense that Jun Shiling had something to say to her. However, after she finished eating, Jun Shiling was nowhere to be seen.

“Young Master is in the gazebo in the garden.” Nanny Li recalled Jun Shiling’s expression when he had just returned and felt worried for Xia Wanyuan. “Madam, Young Master seems to be very angry. coax him.”

Xia Wanyuan also knew that she had been a little reckless today. She had even alerted Jun Shiling to come personally. If news of this were to leak, it would probably affect the Jun Corporation greatly. It was only right for Jun Shiling to be angry.

Xia Wanyuan walked to the kitchen, cut some watermelon, and placed it on a plate. Then, she carried it to the garden and looked at Jun Shiling sitting there from afar. For some reason, Xia Wanyuan could tell that Jun Shiling looked a little aggrieved from his back.

Xia Wanyuan felt that she must have seen wrongly. She laughed a little and slowly walked into the pavilion.

“Have some fruits before you continue working?”

Xia Wanyuan placed the watermelon by Jun Shiling’s hand.

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Jun Shiling’s hands did not stop typing on the keyboard, and his cold side profile exuded coldness.

Seeing that Jun Shiling ignored her, Xia Wanyuan did not speak further. She sat across the table, took a book from Jun Shiling, and slowly read it.

A few minutes later, Jun Shiling looked up and saw Xia Wanyuan acting as if nothing had happened. For the first time in his life, he felt suffocated.

“Don’t you have anything to say to me?” Jun Shiling switched off his computer and stared at Xia Wanyuan with his deep eyes.

“I thought you were going to stop talking to me.” Xia Wanyuan closed her book. Her phoenix eyes curved into crescents as a gentle breeze blew past, causing the hair on her forehead to blow.

“Hmph.” Jun Shiling snorted lightly.

“I’m fine. Even if you didn’t come at the time, I still had a way to escape.” Xia Wanyuan was someone who had been on the battlefield before. Although her martial arts were not high, she still had ways to defend herself.

“There are two people this time, what if there are twenty next time?” Seeing that Xia Wanyuan did not realize the danger, Jun Shiling’s anger, which had slowly subsided, rose again.

Xia Wanyuan choked on Jun Shiling’s words. She felt that she had been too confident.

“I won’t do it again next time.” Seeing that Jun Shiling’s expression was getting worse, Xia Wanyuan’s expression turned serious. “I promise that I won’t be so reckless if something like this happens again.”

“There’s going to be a next time?”

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“No, no.” Xia Wanyuan hurriedly shook her head.

“Remember to tell me first if something like this happens in the future.” Seeing that Xia Wanyuan really knew how dangerous the situation was, Jun Shiling’s expression eased a little. He thought for a moment and added, “If anything happens to you, Jun Yin will definitely be very sad.”

“Okay, thank you.” Xia Wanyuan knew that Jun Shiling was doing this for her own good. “Then can you stop being angry?”

“Mm,” Jun Shiling replied softly.

]”Have one.” Xia Wanyuan picked up a piece of watermelon and handed it to Jun Shiling with a smile on her face. The coldness on Jun Shiling dissipated after he received the watermelon.

“Can you tell me more about the topic you were talking about in Qing University? I didn’t understand some of it.” Seeing that Jun Shiling had returned to normal, Xia Wanyuan ate the watermelon in her hand in relief.

“Okay, I have some photos here. Come and take a seat.”

Xia Wanyuan sat beside Jun Shiling and looked at the data he had drawn up. Jun Shiling explained it to her patiently.

Not far away, after Uncle Wang watered the flowers, he saw Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling sitting together, looking like a match made in heaven.

Jun Shiling, who had been filled with anger and exuding a cold aura a moment ago, was now explaining things to Xia Wanyuan gently and patiently.

Uncle Wang smiled and went to water a patch of flowers with the kettle.

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When Supervisor Jin returned to the office of Creating Star Entertainment, the more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. He called CEO Liang and wanted to find out who that person was. How could he make CEO Liang so afraid? No matter what, CEO Liang was someone with a net worth of over a hundred million dollars.

“Hello? Who is it?” It seemed to be extremely chaotic on the other end of the line.

“Hello, CEO Liang, it’s Xiao Jin.”

However, unlike the usual chatter and laughter, when he heard Supervisor Jin’s voice, CEO Liang wished he had never known this person.

Thinking that the industry that he had worked so hard to build might be destroyed because of the person Manager Jin brought over, CEO Liang scolded Manager Jin fiercely on the phone.

“CEO Liang, what’s wrong?” Manager Jin was stunned.

“I’m done for. You won’t be able to recover either. Wait for it.” CEO Liang finally said something that didn’t make sense, but for some reason, it made Manager Jin’s heart turn cold.

The internet buzz caused by Jun Shiling, Xuan Sheng, and Xia Wanyuan at Qing University yesterday had yet to subside when the production team of “The Long Ballad” quietly released the promotional concept film for the drama, triggering a new round of internet buzz.

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