Chapter 1810 Sun Xuanyin tried to get close to Ye Chen

  ”Don’t look at her with that look.” Hun Xufi told the man beside her not to look at Sun Xuanyin with that look.

”She’s too beautiful, I can’t help it” Gu Finzu said that Sun Xuanyin was too beautiful, he couldn’t stand the sight of Sun Xuanyin’s beauty.

”You dare say that, see how I will deal with you after all this is over” Hun Xufi was angry, she was furious with what happened.

Ye Chen smelled the quarrel between the couple, Ye Chen could feel the quarrel between the couple that was about to happen.

Ye Chen couldn’t do anything, Sun Xuanyin was the source of the trouble that gave him a headache.

”Why does he have to come, it will be very troublesome.” Ye Chen was quite annoyed, why did Sun Xuanyin have to come, this made him feel a little annoyed.

”I hope he doesn’t bother me.” Ye Chen could only hope that Sun Xuanyin wouldn’t bother him, even though it would be extremely unlikely.

Sun Xuanyin began to observe Ye Chen, she began to observe Ye Chen who had never seen her before.

Sun Xuanyin seemed to be starting to get suspicious of Ye Chen, out of everyone, only Ye Chen didn’t welcome her.

”There seems to be someone interesting” what Ye Chen did had made Sun Xuanyin feel attracted.

The more Ye Chen tried to dodge, the more Sun Xuanyin was attracted to Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin started to approach Ye Chen, she started to try to get close to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen tried to move away, himself away from Sun Xuanyin who was approaching him.

Sun Xuanyin looked dissatisfied when she saw this, she did her best to approach Ye Chen.

Honestly, Sun Xuanyin was very difficult when she tried to get close to Ye Chen, whenever Sun Xuanyin wanted to be close to Ye Chen, Ye Chen always avoided her.

”Senior, why did you dodge?” Seeing Ye Chen keep dodging, Sun Xuanyin asked with a very gentle expression and voice.

Sun Xuanyin’s voice was like that of someone who had just been abandoned, her voice was like that of a woman who had just been bullied by Ye Chen.

” what is it?” Ye Chen asked nonchalantly, himself asking what Sun Xuanyin needed.

”Why do you seem to be avoiding, when did I do something wrong?” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen.

”No, I’m just trying to avoid the Black Rose Peak, I heard the woman there is enough to make a man trouble, I don’t want to get into trouble” Ye Chen told his reason.

Ye Chen found a plausible reason, he found a reason that could make him get rid of Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin’s face darkened slightly as she listened to this, Ye Chen’s reasoning made her feel low.

All Party members were shocked when they listened to what Ye Chen had to say, to be honest Ye Chen was very open about this matter.

What Ye Chen did was so bold, he brought up this matter right in front of Xun Bingje.

Xun Bingje was one of the senior disciples at Black Rose Peak, challenging her would put Ye Chen in quite a bit of trouble.

”You, how dare you say something like that” Xun Bingje had to admit that Ye Chen had some courage, this person was quite brave in going against Black Rose Peak.

”What’s wrong, isn’t what I said right, everyone in the Sect already knows about this matter” Ye Chen said to Xun Bingje.

Xun Bingje added to the trouble for Ye Chen, this made Ye Chen unhappy about the matter.

Sun Xuanyin alone had given Ye Chen a headache, and now Xun Bingje wanted to find some trouble with him.

”you” Xun Bingje pointed at Ye Chen, he seemed annoyed by the answer given by Ye Chen.

This man in front of him was very annoying, to be honest she didn’t really like Ye Chen.

”That’s enough, stop now” Seeing the situation getting chaotic, Sun Xuanyin decided to mediate the dispute.

”Don’t let this woman upset you, or else” Xun Bingje pointed at Ye Chen, she warned Ye Chen not to provoke her, otherwise Ye Chen would be in trouble.

”Who wants to be close to you, I will try my best to stay away” Ye Chen said to Xun Bingje.

Xun Bingje almost fell, this was the first time she had seen someone reject her, she honestly didn’t expect that she would be treated like this by a man.

Xun Bingje could only grit her teeth, she couldn’t do anything to Ye Chen, she didn’t have the strength to fight Ye Chen.

”Just watch out, I won’t let you off so easily” Xun Bingje swore that she wouldn’t let Ye Chen go.

”Come on let’s go now” Min Caun invited everyone to leave immediately, they all had to leave as soon as they could.

”Let’s go” Everyone immediately agreed, they all immediately agreed to leave as soon as possible.

everyone flew, they all went towards the interstellar teleportation place.

This time’s quest was not in the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm, rather it was near the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

The name of the star is Sky Red Gravel Star, it is a small star that belongs to the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm realm.

That’s why they went to the teleportation station to head to the Sky Red Gravel Star.

Ye Chen along with everyone flew towards the teleportation station, they all headed there at full speed.

Since everyone was a cultivator with an above-average cultivation base, they could all fly at a balanced speed.

The teleportation station was at least 1 hour’s drive from the Sect, with their current speed, they would arrive in 30 minutes at most.

On the way everyone was chatting with each other, some of the men in the party even started to tease Sun Xuanyin.

Only Ye Chen and Gu Finzu were not involved in this matter.

Gu Finzu didn’t come because his partner had tied him up, so he couldn’t leave.

While Ye Chen was not very interested, he was less interested in this matter.

Ye Chen was on 100% alert, several times Sun Xuanyin had tried to use her charms on Ye Chen.

Unfortunately Ye Chen was quite strong, he reversed the enchantment used by Sun Xuanyin.

”This man, there is no reaction, is he not interested in women?” Sun Xuanyin felt strange towards Ye Chen, Ye Chen had absolutely no reaction to Sun Xuanyin.

In normal cases, these people usually have a disorder.

”Sister Bingje, that man, he really is very strange.” Sun Xuanyin asked Xun Bingje.

”Just ignore that man, he is indeed a little abnormal, he is the only man who can enter the Jade Lotus Peak, so maybe he is having a bit of trouble and isn’t interested in the opposite sex” Xun Bingje said to Sun Xuanyin.

”Is it like that?” Sun Xuanyin did not expect that Ye Chen would become like that.

Ye Chen of course listened to what Xun Bingje had to say, to be honest this woman was as annoying as Sun Xuanyin.

Fortunately Ye Chen restrained himself well, Ye Chen thought Xun Bingje’s words were nonsense.

”It wouldn’t be strange if he tried to dodge.” Sun Xuanyin found a bit of a plausible reason why Ye Chen had avoided her.

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