Chapter 1794 Ye Chen tried to get goddess Shen Niang (2)

  Shen Niang had given up, now Ye Chen can relax even more, he can relax even more in facing Shen Niang.

”Let’s enjoy this” Ye Chen will enjoy this, he wants to enjoy everything.

Ye Chen tasted the beauty that was in front of him, Shen Niang’s beauty deserved Ye Chen’s appreciation.

Ye Chen touched and kneaded Shen Niang’s double peak, he squeezed it quite firmly.

”Erm” Shen Niang couldn’t stand it, she couldn’t stand the feeling Ye Chen gave her.

Ye Chen’s other hand started to fall down, it started to misbehave and entered into Shen Niang’s secret garden.

It’s the first time anyone has done this, to be honest no one has ever done it this far.

Ye Chen started teasing Shen Niang with his fingers.

”Do not . . “Shen Niang said to Ye Chen, she couldn’t stand Ye Chen’s stimulation.

Ye Chen’s fingers felt very comfortable, Shen Niang couldn’t stand the feeling that Ye Chen gave.

”she’s already excited.” Ye Chen found that Shen Niang was already quite wet. 

Shen Niang’s breathing was already starting to become unstable, he was actually extremely excited and couldn’t help but feel the feelings she received from Ye Chen.

Shen Niang became very obedient, she did not put up any resistance and could only endure.

”Why are you just keeping quiet, don’t you want to fight?” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

Shen Niang didn’t answer Ye Chen, to be honest Shen Niang couldn’t answer Ye Chen’s question.

”Hehehehe” Ye Chen chuckled, it seemed that Shen Niang couldn’t answer his question.

Ye Chen brought his mouth closer to Shen Niang’s double peak, he kissed and licked Shen Niang’s very beautiful and perfect Cherry bud.

”This is very delicious.” Ye Chen felt that this was very delicious, Ye Chen really liked to lick this thing.

”Kyahhh . . . ” Shen Niang couldn’t stand it, she couldn’t stand Ye Chen’s treatment.

Moans after moans kept coming out of Shen Niang’s mouth, Shen Niang was rendered helpless by Ye Chen’s aggressive attacks.

”Why have I become like this, why can’t I fight back” Shen Niang tried to ponder, she tried to reflect on what happened.

Shen Niang should have put up a fight against Ye Chen, she should have fought Ye Chen because of what Ye Chen had done.

In fact Shen Niang didn’t do that, she couldn’t fight Ye Chen because she honestly liked the feeling Ye Chen gave.

This feeling was comfortable and made Shen Niang’s heart a little calmer, she felt at peace when she felt this comfort.

Ye Chen wanted to see what kind of reaction Shen Niang would have, which was why Ye Chen decided to stop and tease Shen Niang.

Shen Niang who was feeling happy suddenly felt empty, she lost the feeling of comfort that Ye Chen gave her.

”Why did you stop?” Shen Niang asked Ye Chen, Shen Niang asked why did Ye Chen stop suddenly like this.

”Why, didn’t you refuse before, but why are you now asking me?” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

Shen Niang’s face immediately turned red when she listened to Ye Chen’s words, Shen Niang felt that she had just been tricked by Ye Chen, this made her look obscene in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled, it seems that this beautiful goddess has started to fall into the palm of his hand, with a little touch, Ye Chen will probably get it in its entirety.

Ye Chen will try to engrave his soul in Shen Niang’s heart, that way Shen Niang will not fight back.

As it seemed, Slave seals and marks would not work on Shen Niang, this woman was too strong and impossible to do such a thing.

It was possible that Shen Niang would reverse the slave seal on Ye Chen, it was more dangerous than doing this.

Honestly, Ye Chen didn’t want to take a risk, doing so was quite risky for Ye Chen.

”If you beg me, maybe I will continue” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, Ye Chen promised to continue this matter if Shen Niang was willing to plead against him.

This time Ye Chen put a condition on Shen Niang, Ye Chen put a condition on Shen Niang before continuing the fun.

Shen Niang couldn’t possibly do that, what would Ye Chen think if Shen Niang really did such a thing.

”But I am very uncomfortable” Shen Niang started to rub his feet, he really felt uncomfortable, this feeling was very, very unpleasant for Shen Niang.

Ye Chen waited patiently, he observed the change in attitude shown by Shen Niang.

”Looks like he’s starting to get impatient” Ye Chen saw Shen Niang’s movements, Ye Chen saw that Shen Niang was starting to get impatient with his own body.

The Passion Goddess technique was quite a powerful technique, even Shen Niang could not withstand this technique.

Shen Niang’s breathing was really irregular, she had already become completely confused.

”that. . . .” Shen Niang opened her mouth, she opened her mouth in a gentle and loving tone of voice.

Shen Niang started to soften, she started to soften towards Ye Chen.

”What, say it more clearly” Ye Chen told Shen Niang to say it more clearly.

”Go ahead and make me comfortable” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

Shen Niang told Ye Chen to continue and make herself comfortable.

”Is that how you ask someone, if that’s the case I won’t do it” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, Ye Chen didn’t see Shen Niang’s sincerity.

”Please help me, this is very uncomfortable” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen, Shen Niang asked and pleaded Ye Chen, she felt uncomfortable and really needed help from Ye Chen.

”That sounds very sincere.” Ye Chen saw that Shen Niang was starting to be very sincere.

”Looks like she’s starting to change” Ye Chen saw that Shen Niang had started to change, now Shen Niang is starting to become lenient towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen might have succeeded, he had managed to make Shen Niang quite obedient towards him.

Honestly making Shen Niang obedient was quite a difficult thing to do, Ye Chen needed hard work to do it.

Ye Chen’s hard work paid off great results.

He managed to make the previously angry Shen Niang become obedient like this.

this was a pride for a man, Ye Chen had made a first goddess like Shen Niang obedient to him.

Since Shen Niang had decided to obey, Ye Chen started to continue, he started to touch and enjoy Shen Niang’s body again.

Shen Niang regained the feeling she had previously lost.

Shen Niang seemed to be completely addicted to this feeling, she could no longer return after feeling the feeling that Ye Chen gave him.

Shen Niang was starting to become a lewd woman, her moaning voice and expression too seductive to look at.

Ye Chen’s younger brother who was below started to rise up, Ye Chen’s younger brother was already excited enough to start the battle immediately.

Ye Chen started to take off his clothes, Ye Chen showed his body in front of Shen Niang.

Shen Niang looked at Ye Chen, she saw Ye Chen’s muscular body and looked very good.

Shen Niang may have seen a handsome man like Ye Chen for the first time, Ye Chen was very handsome and made Shen Niang a little nervous.

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