Chapter 1785 The secret behind the Void Abyss.

  ”As a man you have to be like that, you shouldn’t be afraid to face anything” Shui Yixian had to admit that Ye Chen was a brave person, he was brave in facing big problems.

It took quite a lot of courage to do as Ye Chen said, plus what was being said was not an easy enemy to fight.

In the God Realm, there will definitely be many people who will think Ye Chen is crazy, Ye Chen’s words are like seeking death.

Anyone who dares to challenge two powerful powers in the God Realm, they are the same as seeking death when fighting a great power that dominates the God Realm.

”Most likely you will get help, you need to know that the other great powers will not stand idly by when they find out about the matter” Shui Yixian said to Ye Chen.

”You mean they’re not happy about this either?” Ye Chen asked.

”Of course, do you think they will just stand still when they see two great powers trying to unite, it will definitely jeopardize their position” Shui Yixian said to Ye Chen.

”Your words are true” Ye Chen felt that if Shui Yixian’s words were true, the other great powers would definitely not remain silent when they saw what was happening, they would definitely try to intervene in this matter.

”I might be able to use them.” Ye Chen felt that he could use them to help himself.

”The information you provided is very useful, thank you” Ye Chen thanked Shui Yixian, Shui Yixian had provided very useful information.

”You have to be careful, your strength is still not strong enough, at least you need Yanyan and the others to help you, they are currently in the process of becoming strong, you must be more patient,” said Shui Yixian.

”I will help them, I will provide resources for all of them” Ye Chen said to Shui Yixian, he would give everything he had to all of them.

”I know you are very good, you can do it, they are all your women” Shui Yixian allowed Ye Chen to do that, it was because everyone was Ye Chen’s woman.

”Thank you very much” Ye Chen thanked Shui Yixian for the compliment.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand towards Shui Yixian’s hand, he took Shui Yixian’s hand.

Shui Yixian was quite surprised when she saw what Ye Chen had done, to be honest what Ye Chen had done was quite shocking for Shui Yixian.

”Ye Chen?” Shui Yixian asked Ye Chen.

” why?” Ye Chen pretended not to know, he pretended not to know what was going on.

”Never mind, forget it.” Seeing Ye Chen do that, Shui Yixian decided to forget about this matter.

Ye Chen together with Shui Yixian headed to the deepest part of this place.

In front of them was a rather terrifying Void Abyss.

”Void Abyss?” Shui Yixian muttered as she looked at the Void Abyss.

”We arrived” Ye Chen said to Shui Yixian, they finally arrived at their destination.

”Why do you want to go to a place like this?” Shui Yixian asked Ye Chen.

”I just wanted to make sure what was in there” Ye Chen said to Shui Yixian.

Ye Chen just wanted to confirm about what was behind the Void Abyss.

”So that’s what you came to this place for?” Shui Yixian finally knew the purpose of Ye Chen coming here.

”Yes, I want to confirm something” Ye Chen said to Shui Yixian, Ye Chen told that he wanted to confirm something.

”About what is hidden ahead, this is something interesting” Shui Yixian said to Ye Chen.

”I feel the same way, let’s see what’s hidden in there.” Ye Chen agreed with Shui Yixian’s words, they could find out what was hidden in there.

”You can repair the dimensions around this place?” Shui Yixian asked.

”I will” Ye Chen will try to do it, he will try to create a new dimension in the Void Abyss.

Ye Chen started to close his eyes, he started to use his power to refine the dimension that was in front of him.

Up ahead a new dimension began to formed, the previously crumbling road had now returned.

”It’s quite long.” Ye Chen saw that the front was long enough, it would definitely take some time to fix everything.

Ye Chen could only be patient, he continued to refine the road ahead.

Ye Chen needed some time to do this, he needed at least 30 minutes to fix everything.

”Good, I fixed everything” Ye Chen said that he had fixed everything.

”Let’s go.” Ye Chen invited Shui Yixian to come forward and see what was hidden ahead.

”Okay” Shui Yixian came forward together with Ye Chen, the two taking care of each other.

It took them both a few minutes to get to the end.

”I feel an unpleasant feeling” in front of Ye Chen felt a bad feeling.

”I also feel the same way.” Shui Yixian also felt the same, herself feeling something unpleasant.

”Do we need to go back?” Shui Yixian asked Ye Chen to just go back.

”We’ve come this far, there’s no way we could just go back.” Ye Chen had already come this far, so it was absolutely impossible for Ye Chen to return after coming this far.

”You are so brave, then I will come with you, please take care of me” Shui Yixian said to Ye Chen.

Shui Yixian told Ye Chen to take care of herself, now Ye Chen can take care of Shui Yixian.

”Of course, I will keep a goddess like you from getting hurt” Ye Chen said to Shui Yixian.

Ye Chen would take care of Shui Yixian, Ye Chen would not let Shui Yixian suffer an injury.

”we have reached the end” in front there is a portal, what is hidden in this portal.

An ominous aura came out, this aura made Ye Chen and Shui Yixian feel uncomfortable.

”Enter?” Shui Yixian asked Ye Chen.

”Sure, let’s go in.” Ye Chen led Shui Yixian inside.

Ye Chen and Shui Yixian entered, both entered the portal.

After passing through the portal, Ye Chen and Shui Yixian entered into a place that was similar to a hall, the walls and floors in this place were white and covered in a power.

Right in the middle of the hall there was a person who was confined with chains and sealed in a crystal.

”This woman?” Ye Chen saw the figure of a very beautiful woman, this woman’s figure was the best ever, this woman’s perfection was too amazing, it was very difficult to find a loophole from this woman.

this woman had silver hair that was really very pretty and looked shiny, her face was very pretty and didn’t have any flaws.

plus her body was very well developed and she had two double peaks which were quite large and seductive.

”Is it master?” Shen Faye shouted at the woman who was sealed in the crystal.

”Is he your master?” Shui Yixian and Ye Chen looked surprised when they heard what Shen Faye said.

”Yes, I can’t be wrong, she is my master, so she has been hidden in this place all this time” Shen Faye said to Ye Chen and Shui Yixian.

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