Chapter 1781 Mischievous spirit imitating Shui Yixian

  ”awwwww” Ye Chen bounced, a very strong force sent Ye Chen flying.

”What was that?” Ye Chen rubbed his head that had just hit the wall, it seemed that something had just hit Ye Chen’s head quite hard.

”are you okay?” Shui Yixian asked Ye Chen, Shui Yixian held Ye Chen’s head, she used her power to heal Ye Chen.

”I’m fine, but what was that?” Ye Chen said to Shui Yixian.

Ye Chen asked about what just happened, it seemed that something strange had happened.

”I think I know what happened.” Shui Yixian seemed to know what just happened, Shui Yixian looked at the statue of Shen Niang.

In front of Shen Niang’s statue was a figure that looked very much like Shui Yixian, to be more precise, this was Shui Yixian’s twin.

”Yixian, do you have a twin?” Ye Chen asked Shui Yixian.

Ye Chen just found out that Shui Yixian has a twin. Ye Chen didn’t expect that Shui Yixian would have a twin like that.

”It’s not a twin, it’s a spirit that takes the form of a human” Shui Yixian said to Ye Chen.

Shui Yixian informed that the woman who looked like him was a spirit that had taken a form from her.

”So she’s a spirit, it’s only natural” Ye Chen didn’t feel her presence, it turned out that she was a spirit from the start.

Spirits were not alive, so Ye Chen couldn’t sense the existence of the life he had.

”what are you doing?” Shui Yixian asked the spirit in front of her.

”I am teaching a lesson to the humans who have done bad things in this place” replied the spirit to Shui Yixian.

”Wow, her voice is very similar to you.” Ye Chen discovered that this spirit’s voice was very similar to Shui Yixian’s.

It turned out that besides being able to take on a human form, the spirit was able to imitate the voice of its owner, it was not strange that Ye Chen had previously heard Shui Yixian’s voice,

Ye Chen was now starting to understand what was happening, he was starting to understand what was happening in this place.

It seemed that Shui Yixian indeed had nothing to do with what happened to Ye Chen, from the start it was this Spirit who had wreaked havoc on Ye Chen.

”You don’t have to do that,” Shui Yixian said to the spirit in front of her.

”Why are you defending him, he is not worthy of your defense?” the spirit said that Ye Chen was not worthy, why would Shui Yixian still want to defend Ye Chen.

”It’s not a matter of being worthy or not, he is a special person, so don’t make trouble with him.” Shui Yixian said.

Shui Yixian forbade the spirit to cause trouble with Ye Chen, she didn’t want the spirit to get into trouble.

”So that’s how it is” said the spirit to Shui Yixian, the Spirit looked at Shui Yixian with a strange look, it was obvious that he was questioning the decision made by Shui Yixian.

”Yixian, who is this spirit?” Ye Chen asked Shui Yixian, Ye Chen wanted to know what kind of spirit this was.

”She is a weapon spirit, to be more precise, she is a weapon spirit belonging to the goddess Shen Niang” Shui Yixian said to Ye Chen.

Shui Yixian told Ye Chen that the spirit weapon in front was Shen Niang’s legacy for Heaven Light Palace.

”Oh, so this is one of Goddess Shen Niang’s weapons.” Ye Chen understood who the spirit in front of her was, apparently this spirit is Shen Niang’s weapon, it’s not strange that this spirit has a terrible power.

”Is no one able to control it?” Ye Chen asked Shui Yixian.

Ye Chen wanted to know if there was no one who could control the spirit in front of him.

”Other than Shen Niang, no one can control her, she is a free spirit and will not obey anyone, not even me.” Shui Yixian told Ye Chen that this spirit was very difficult for her to control.

Shui Yixian couldn’t even control this spirit, you could say that in this world no one was able to control this spirit.

”I see, then I will try to make it a bit more polite to others.” Ye Chen wanted to make this spirit more polite, he couldn’t allow this spirit to be arrogant and act as she pleased.

”You better stop, she’s not easy to deal with” Shui Yixian said to Ye Chen, Shui Yixian said that this spirit is not easy to handle.

”Wait and see” Ye Chen said to Shui Yixian, he would catch this naughty spirit.

”You want to try to find trouble with me, you will definitely regret it” said the spirit to Ye Chen, the weapon spirit was very displeased with what Ye Chen said, she looked very annoyed when she heard what Ye Chen said.

As Shui Yixian said, this spirit is very arrogant, she is very arrogant and does not want to listen to others.

”Let’s see who will regret it” Ye Chen said to the spirit in front of him.

Ye Chen would never regret it, he would never regret challenging this rogue spirit.

”This human is so arrogant, I will make you pay for it.” The spirit advanced towards Ye Chen.

This spirit will attack Ye Chen, she intends to attack Ye Chen using the strength she has.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand, intending to catch the attack that was aimed at him.

”Stupid human, you will definitely feel terrible suffering” said the Spirit to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen recited an incantation, he recited an incantation for the Spirit in front of him.

Ye Chen was already skilled in all kinds of sealing techniques, he intended to subdue this spirit.

”Boom” an explosion occurred, an explosion occurred when the spirit attacked Ye Chen.

This room was instantly covered by a very dense dust, the entire room was covered in thick dust due to the impact of the battle.

”It will definitely hurt you” Spirit said to Ye Chen.

The attack just now would have been enough to destroy Ye Chen, such an attack would have been enough to destroy an ordinary human like Ye Chen.

”Are you sure it will hurt me?” Ye Chen said to the spirit in front of him.

”How could it be ?” Spirit was shocked when she saw that Ye Chen was able to withstand her attack, the attack just now should have been enough to defeat Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was currently holding the spirit hand in front of him, he was holding the Spirit hand in front of him and did not let the spirit escape.

”Let go of me” the spirit said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to let go her.

”no way, after everything that happened, I won’t let go of you” after everything happened, Ye Chen would not let go of the spirit that was in front of him.

”You are cruel” said the spirit to Ye Chen, the spirit whined like a spoiled girl, from her nature alone one could tell that she was like a spoiled girl.

”I will make you serve me that way you won’t be able to do anything naughty and disrespectful” Ye Chen said to the spirit in front of him.

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