Chapter 1770 Teacher and student game (1)

  ”That’s a very good idea, but is teacher Rouxi willing to do this?” Ye Chen asked Rouxi , Ye Chen wanted to know if Lin Rouxi was willing or not to do that, otherwise it would be pointless to do so.

”Of course, I will be your teacher, you two have to listen to what I have to say” Lin Rouxi took a ruler, she didn’t know where she got this ruler from.

”See Sister Rouxi is very excited” Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan smiled, it seemed that Lin Rouxi was very excited to do that.

Ye Chen did not expect that Lin Rouxi would prepare to do something like this, it seemed that Lin Rouxi and Zhao Yanyan had already planned this matter.

”Okay, I’ll take part in the game” Ye Chen said that he would participate in the game played by Lin Rouxi and Zhao Yanyan.

”Very good.” Zhao Yanyan was overjoyed when she heard this, they were going to have as much fun as they wanted.

After all this time, they were finally able to do something as fun and free as they are today.

The game started, Lin Rouxi was standing in front of Ye Chen in a very seductive outfit, meanwhile Zhao Yanyan was sitting beside Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, why do you look at your teacher like that” said Lin Rouxi to Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen, she asked why Ye Chen looked at herself with such lustful eyes.

”I didn’t do that” Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen tried to avoid the question asked by Lin Rouxi.

”You lied to me, then why is this so loud?” Lin Rouxi used her foot, she used her foot towards Ye Chen’s little brother and started teasing Ye Chen’s younger brother who was below.

”emmm” Ye Chen let out a slight scream, he felt a comfortable feeling when Lin Rouxi’s legs teased his lower half.

Lin Rouxi’s way of rubbing and massaging was so skillful, she used her feet to stimulate Ye Chen’s little brother.

”Teacher what did you do to Ye Chen” Zhao Yanyan asked Lin Rouxi, Zhao Yanyan helped Ye Chen, in this story, Zhao Yanyan is a good woman.

”I am punishing him” Lin Rouxi said that she was punishing Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi was very passionate about her role, it was obvious that she wanted to punish Ye Chen from the start.

Finally Lin Rouxi got an opportunity like this, she wouldn’t miss this opportunity because she wanted to punish Ye Chen.

”But isn’t that so cruel, don’t you have pity,” Zhao Yanyan said to Lin Rouxi.

”cruel, what cruel, you see he seems to be enjoying it very much” Lin Rouxi said to Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen seemed to really enjoy what Lin Rouxi was doing, he seemed to really like what Lin Rouxi was doing.

”Do you want to join, this will be very fun” said Lin Rouxi to Zhao Yanyan, Lin Rouxi took Zhao Yanyan, she would teach Zhao Yanyan how to make Ye Chen happy.

Here Lin Rouxi was a teacher, so she should be able to put herself above Zhao Yanyan in terms of ability.

Lin Rouxi had learned so much, she had learned all kinds of ways to please a partner.

Even though on the outside Lin Rouxi often rejected what Ye Chen did, in fact she remained faithful and tried her best to be a good wife and be able to please her partner.

”Can I join?” Zhao Yanyan said to Lin Rouxi.

”Of course, let’s teach this brat a little lesson” Lin Rouxi said to Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi was getting serious, she was getting more aggressive in attacking Ye Chen’s weak point, on the other hand Zhao Yanyan started to join the battle.

she knelt under Ye Chen and started to see what Lin Rouxi was doing.

Ye Chen seemed to be enjoying this game, for some reason he felt very excited when he played a game like this.

Who wouldn’t be excited when playing a game like this with two beautiful women like Zhao Yanyan and teacher Lin Rouxi, it was a man’s dream to be able to enjoy a game like this.

During his time in the God Realm, Ye Chen might never have done anything like this, there women were more virtuous and unaffected by television series or dramas, so they considered a couple’s relationship normal and mutually pleasing to each other.

Even though doing a game like this will make your partner feel happier and more passionate.

Ye Chen’s thing started to grow, this already couldn’t stand the temptation of Lin Rouxi’s comfortable legs.

”It’s getting bigger” Zhao Yanyan said to Lin Rouxi, Zhao Yanyan saw that the thing in front of her was growing bigger and bigger.

Apart from Lin Rouxi, Zhao Yanyan was also very soulful, she actually looked very innocent and ignorant.

”Looks like it’s about time, Yanyan you take a good look, the teacher will teach you something” Lin Rouxi said to Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi knelt right beside Zhao Yanyan, she would teach Zhao Yanyan how to punish Ye Chen and make Ye Chen happy.

Lin Rouxi started to release little brother Ye Chen from his shackles, just then a large, long and powerful object appeared in front of Lin Rouxi and Zhao Yanyan.

”It’s so big, it seems like it’s growing even bigger” Zhao Yanyan said in her heart, Zhao Yanyan saw that Ye Chen’s property was getting bigger and bigger, it was growing into something terrible.

”You have something very good, it seems that teacher is quite lucky” Lin Rouxi said to Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi stretched out her hand towards the large object in front of her, she started to use her hand to play with it.

”Teacher, don’t do that.” Ye Chen asked Lin Rouxi not to do such a thing.

”What’s wrong?, don’t you like it?” asked Lin Rouxi while still playing with the object in her hand.

Lin Rouxi looked very excited, she started to show her love for Ye Chen, you could say Lin Rouxi no longer held back when she was with Ye Chen.

”Of course I like it, a beautiful teacher helps me like this, of course I like this” Ye Chen said that he liked what Lin Rouxi did, what Lin Rouxi did was very comfortable.

”Very good, teacher likes obedient children, I will give you a special gift” Lin Rouxi said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite surprised by Lin Rouxi’s attitude, Lin Rouxi was really very passionate about the role she was given.

Lin Rouxi started to open her mouth and gave Ye Chen a great warmth, she ate the big thing that was in her hands.

”Ohhh” Ye Chen enjoyed this, he enjoyed the services rendered by Lin Rouxi.

”Chu. . ., Jubooo, Jubooo,” Lin Rouxi used her small mouth to serve Ye Chen, she used the technique she had mastered against Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi’s skills were excellent, she had extremely excellent skills, now Lin Rouxi was able to level with Veterans and become an opponent worthy of reckoning.

”Looks like Sister Rouxi is having fun by herself.” Zhao Yanyan felt a little envious, she saw that Lin Rouxi was having fun alone.

Whereas Zhao Yanyan wanted to join in on the fun too, she wanted to join the battle that was going on between Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi.

”Yanyan, please pay attention.” Lin Rouxi told Zhao Yanyan to pay close attention, currently Lin Rouxi was teaching Zhao Yanyan.

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