Chapter 1751 Xing Shenyi changed the rules

  Ye Chen kissed Xing Shenyi, the two started to have a very vulgar adult kiss.

Xing Shenyi didn’t reject Ye Chen, she accepted what Ye Chen did.

”This feeling is very comfortable” Xing Shenyi felt that kissing was very comfortable, Xing Shenyi really liked what happened.

Ye Chen thought the same thing as Xing Shenyi thought, he felt a very comfortable feeling from kissing Xing Shenyi.

Ye Chen and Xing Shenyi started to sink into their own world, they had already forgotten what was happening to the surroundings.

”Slurp. . . . ., Chu. . . . .” Ye Chen as well as Xing Shenyi became more and more entangled, both of them becoming more and more entangled with each other and unwilling to let go of each other.

Ye Chen kissed a very beautiful Elf Queen, he was naturally very proud of what had happened.

”Ye Chen, you are really great” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that he felt a very comfortable feeling.

”Of course I will never disappoint you” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

Ye Chen would never let Xing Shenyi down, Ye Chen would do his best to make Xing Shenyi feel the most comfortable feeling in this world.

”I can’t wait to feel what kind of feeling you will give me” Xing Shenyi wanted to know what kind of feeling Ye Chen gave.

”Are you ready for what is about to happen” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi, Ye Chen started to move his tongue very skillfully, he started a movement that could make someone like Xing Shenyi feel endless pleasure from his skills. .

”emmm . . ., what’s this?” Xing Shenyi couldn’t stand what Ye Chen did, she couldn’t stand what Ye Chen did.

”Emmmm” Xing Shenyi let out a very seductive moan, she let out a very seductive moan and made Ye Chen even more excited.

Ye Chen started to get impatient, Ye Chen couldn’t stand Xing Shenyi’s voice.

”What are you two doing?” When Ye Chen and Xing Shenyi were in critical condition, Fan Fumi suddenly approached and asked what happened.

Seeing Fan Fumi’s arrival, Xing Shenyi immediately pushed Ye Chen away, she didn’t let Fan Fumi see what had happened to him and Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled at Fan Fumi, why did Fan Fumi come at a time like this, when it was such a great moment.

”We are discussing something” Ye Chen told Fan Fumi that they were discussing something very important.

”Sorry to bother you” Fan Fumi apologized for disturbing YE Chen and Xing Shenyi.

”It’s okay” Xing Shenyi said to Fan Fumi, she didn’t mind what happened.

”Then I’ll go and see how things turn out.” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen and Fan Fumi, she would go and see what happened to everyone.

”um” Ye Chen and Fan Fumi nodded, both letting Xing Shenyi go see what was going on around this place.

Xing Shenyi was still a Queen, so she was still responsible for what happened to this place.

”Ye Chen, just now you ?” Fan Fumi asked Ye Chen, she asked what Ye Chen and Xing Shenyi had just done.

”You must already know what I just did” Ye Chen said to Fan Fumi.

”You really have bad thoughts about Queen, aren’t you afraid of receiving a punishment?” Fan Fumi asked Ye Chen.

”Hahaha, why would I be afraid of such a thing?” Ye Chen said to Fan Fumi, Ye Chen had never been afraid of that kind of thing, he had never been afraid of making connections with the opposite sex.

”You are very naughty,” said Fan Fumi to Ye Chen, Fan Fumi saw that Ye Chen was very naughty.

”I was naughty from the start, and this bad boy wanted to eat the little Elf in front of him” Ye Chen pounced at Fan Fumi, he pounced at Fan Fumi.

”ahhh” Fan Fumi shouted, she screamed as Ye Chen pounced towards her.

Ye Chen started to touch Fan Fumi and made her feel a very comfortable feeling.

”Erm, Ye Chen wait a moment” Fan Fumi said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen to wait.

”Nothing, let’s do it” Ye Chen took Fan Fumu away, he took Fan Fumi to a quiet and quiet place, all problems would be solved by Xing Shenyi and the others.

Xing Shenyi together with the others began to repair everything, they began to repair the damage done to this place.

Elders who were punished by Xing Shenyi, their power was erased from this world, their power and possessions were also confiscated.

Now they were nothing more than ordinary Elves who had no power.

Xing Shenyi also abolished the ranking system, now All Elves have the same status, only their titles are not abolished.

Xing Shenyi also gave a special territory to the Cursed Elves, now they got their own territory and could live together.

Xing Shenyi also hoped that if they could cooperate with each other, he needed the Cursed Elf’s cooperation to strengthen the Elf, of course Xing Shenyi would give him a decent reward.

Xing Shenyi changed everything, he changed the existing system, this was a very big revolution.

The tree of life is starting to be restored, how to restore the tree of life is very easy, it only needs to use blessing earth essence to restore the tree of life.

”Erm, Ye Chen is really great” when things got better, Ye Chen was currently having fun with Fan Fumi, he gave his love to Fan Fumi.

Fan Fumi was in a bit of trouble, she alone wouldn’t be able to beat Ye Chen, Fan Yima was still recovering so it was very likely that she wouldn’t be able to help Fan Fumi against Ye Chen.

” husband, I’m is tired, let me rest” Fan Fumi said to Ye Chen, Fan Fumi asked to stop, she was no longer able to fight Ye Chen.

”Okay, then you can rest” Ye Chen said to Fan Fumi, Ye Chen let Fan Fumi rest, let him rest because Fan Fumi was very tired.

”Thank you very much” Fan Fumi thanked Ye Chen, she was grateful that Ye Chen had let her go.

”Let’s see what Xing Shenyi is doing” Ye Chen wanted to see what Xing Shenyi was doing, he wanted to know what Xing Shenyi was up to, who knew Xing Shenyi was already in her spare time so he could tease her.

Ye Chen was looking for Xing Shenyi’s whereabouts, he was looking for Xing Shenyi’s whereabouts in the palace.

When Ye Chen just came out, he met many Elves, these Elves tried to seduce Ye Chen with the skills they had.

What happened had made Ye Chen into a hero, this made the Elf in Elven Village feel that Ye Chen was a cool man.

”All of you please calm down.” The situation started to spiral out of control, Ye Chen immediately left and ran away from the pursuit of the beautiful Elves that surrounded him.

The female elves didn’t let Ye Chen go, they chased after Ye Chen who ran away.

Ye Chen ran away, she fled to Xing Shenyi’s place, in Xing Shenyi’s place no one would dare to disturb Ye Chen

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