Chapter 1749 It’s all over, I’m the winner

  Gao Win growled at Ye Chen, he looked very angry towards Ye Chen, Ye Chen’s consecutive attacks were unable to kill Gao Win, this Elf man was extremely powerful, Gao Win became very strong after sucking the essence of the tree of life.

  ”Damn it” Gao Win was angry, Gao Win started to coat his body with rocks around this place.

  rocks around this place began to gather, the rocks gathered and began to coat Gai Win’s body.

  Gao Win’s body started to expand and formed a huge Golem in which was Gao Win.

  Gao Win attacked Ye Chen, he hit Ye Chen with his big hand.

  ”Bam. . .” Gao Win’s attack was very fast, even though his body was enlarged, his attack speed was still fast.

  Gao Win hit Ye Chen’s real body, this sent Ye Chen flying away from this place.

  Ye Chen was sent flying towards the tree of life, Gao Win’s attack was enough to make Ye Chen retreat quite a distance.

  ”Strong attack” Ye Chen was bruised, Gao Win’s attack was enough to injure Ye Chen’s strong body.

  ”This person, he is very strong, his strength has made him invincible” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

  ”Fighting cultivators with earth element is very troublesome.” Ye Chen felt that fighting Gao Win was very troublesome.

  ”Big brother, behind your back, he said he wanted to give you something.” Chu Ning’er said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that someone behind her wanted to give something.

  ” What?” Ye Chen looked back, behind only a tree that had slightly dried up from being sucked in by Gao Win.

  ”Isn’t this the tree of life that Gao Win sucked in?” Ye Chen said to Chi Ning’er.

  ”That’s true.” Chu Ning’er nodded, this was indeed the tree of life that Gao Win had just sucked up so that she became very strong.

  The Tree of Life opened its root section, a root started to come out and was in front of Ye Chen.

  ”This ?” Ye Chen felt something, Ye Chen felt something that made himself feel a familiar feeling.

  The root opened, a yellow crystal appeared in front of Ye Chen.

  ”This is the relic of the Sage God?” Ye Chen saw that this was the relic of the Sage God, this was the earth crystal left by the Sage God.

  ”Big brother, accept it” Chu Ning’er said to Ye Chen, Chu Ning’er told Ye Chen to accept this gift.

  ”Of course” Ye Chen nodded, he accepted the gift given by the tree of life.

  The crystal entered Ye Chen’s body, crystal began to fuse with Ye Chen’s body and create a new Vein.

  ”Great power” Ye Chen felt that his physique was getting stronger and stronger, he felt his body becoming physically tougher.

  ”Okay, I got good strength, let’s take revenge” Ye Chen was confident in his abilities, he just got a huge physical increase.

  Sage God’s inheritance made Ye Chen’s body strong, Ye Chen’s defense obviously rose significantly.

  ”Thank you very much” Ye Chen thanked the tree of life, he was grateful for giving what should be Ye Chen’s.

  Ye Chen returned to the battlefield, he went towards Gao Win’s place.

  Right now Gao Win was destroying the Clones that Ye Chen made, he was destroying all the existing Clones with a powerful and destructive attack.

  ”Let’s see if I can destroy it.” Ye Chen dashed forward, he used a normal punch towards Gao Win’s huge body.

  ”Blam” Ye Chen’s Physical Punch landed on Golem Gao Win’s body, Golem Gao Win’s body was instantly turned into pieces by the attack that Ye Chen had just launched.

  ”great increase in physical strength” Ye Chen got a huge increase in physical strength, he was able to destroy Golem Gao Win’s tough body with just a physical attack.

  ”How could this happen, there’s no way the Golem Armor that I made was destroyed so easily” Gao Win couldn’t believe what was happening, there was no way the armor he was blinded shattered so easily like that.

  ”The real battle has just begun” Ye Chen was very confident, he was very confident in his new ability.

  ”Your self-confidence is very good, but unfortunately it won’t help you” Gao Win said to Ye Chen.

  Gao Win put his palms together, from the movement Gao Win tried to make, it was most likely that Gao Win was trying to use a skill that was quite strong.

  ”Sky Earth Hand” Gao Win shouted, Gao Win’s shout gave rise to a very loud roar.

  From behind the clouds appeared a large hand made of dirt that was of an enormous size.

  This big hand descended towards Ye Chen, this hand was like a meteor, the closer to the ground, the greater the impact force.

  ”Open the Earth Vein” Ye Chen opened the Earth Vein, when Ye Chen opened the Earth Vein, Ye Chen’s body was immediately covered by an invisible barrier.

  This was the Earth Vein’s ability, it allowed Ye Chen to obtain the Unlimited Armor which was extremely difficult to destroy.

  ” Destroyed. . . ., Destroyed. . . ., Destroyed. . . ., Destroyed. . . ., Destroyed. . . ..” Gao Win shouted, he looked like a man in a trance.

  ”Ye Chen dodge quickly” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to dodge Gao Win’s attack.

  If Ye Chen were to be hit by that attack, Ye Chen would definitely die, Xing Shenyi of course knew very well what Gao Win had just used.

  This was a very powerful technique that could destroy anything very easily, if Ye Chen were to be hit by this technique, Ye Chen would definitely be completely crushed.

  The earth hand was getting closer, it was getting hotter as it fell towards Ye Chen, this looks like a fire hand being dropped towards Ye Chen.

  ”boom” A huge explosion occurred as a huge hand hit the ground, this explosion swept away everything around this place.

  ”Arghhh” so many Elves were flying, they were swept away by the impact of the explosion.

  Even though they were quite far away, they were still affected by Gao Win’s attack.

  ”Cough. . , cough . . .” Xing Shenyi was also affected by the attack that had just taken place, Xing Sheyi was injured from the impact that occurred.

  Luckily Xing Shenyi was a little further away, so the impact he felt wasn’t too bad for her .

  ”Ye Chen. . .” Xing Shenyi was looking for Ye Chen’s whereabouts, she was looking for Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

  Xing Shenyi looks very worried about Ye Chen’s condition, she looks very worried about Ye Chen’s condition, whether Ye Chen is okay or not, this is a question in Xing Shenyi’s heart.

  Unbeknownst to Xing Shenyi, Ye Chen had become quite a precious person, he had already occupied a space in Xing Shenyi’s heart and became an important person to Xing Shenyi.

  ”Hahaha” Gao Win appeared from underground, the explosion just now had also injured Gai Win’s body.

  Even though it was Gao Win who had used the technique, in fact he was also affected by the attacks he used, this proved how much impact Gao Win’s attacks had.

  ”It’s all over, I’m the winner” Gao Win was overjoyed, he became the winner in this battle.

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