Chapter 69 - Battle for the Mystical Light Cherry: [Bestrou]

The Earth Crawler Ape used the [Monster Orb Release] skill. The appearance of the ape drastically changed. Its brown fur turned into blood-red color as jet black tattoo emerged in its body.


The Ape roared loudly and it shook the entire area. It was followed up by ripples of beast energy in the air.

The group of knights was trembling in fear. They couldn't do anything but watched the Earth Crawler Ape approached them. They were the nearest group that was closed to the Mystical Light Cherry and they also killed most of the Wood Eater Ape.

Actually, the Earth Crawler Ape wouldn't even move. But Lumilia [Freezing Point] spell triggered the ape to move. It sensed the danger behind that spell and it caused the ape to move.

The other groups who were fighting each other stop when they felt the Tier 2 Spell and it was followed up by the transformation of the Earth Crawler Ape.

Including Souta's group, there were more than five groups in the area around the Mystical Light Cherry. They were all closed to the Mystical Light Cherry.

Some of them were adventurers from Hebrei Kingdom and the other were n.o.bles from Melosa Country. The n.o.bles from Melosa Country have great animosity to the people of Hebrei Kingdom because of what happened in the past. They became a laughing stock at that time. Their boasted powerful army was pushed back by one person.

If the n.o.bles from Melosa Country were given a chance then they would take it just to get revenge on Hebrei Kingdom.

Since the adventurers here were working for the people of Hebrei Kingdom, the n.o.bles from Melosa Country would try to get rid of them. They wouldn't let any force of the Hebrei Kingdom get the Mystical Light Cherry.

That's the reason why the fight broke out in all areas.

But now it stopped... It was because of the transformation of the Earth Crawler Ape.

The transformation led them to realize that no matter how much they killed each other they wouldn't be able to acquire the Mystical Light Cherry as long as the Earth Crawler Ape was still alive.


Souta, Bryan, and Fred were hiding on the top of the tree. They were watching how the battle will unfold. Their number was less than all the groups in this place.

Lumilia, Jusmin, Yuko, and Cl.u.s.ter were hiding far away from this place. They were preparing themselves to run away as soon as Bryan get the Mystical Light Cherry.

"As I said before, we will wait. We're not going to fight that monster head-on. We're just going to distract it for you Bryan." Souta said while looking at the ape.

He knew that their power wasn't enough for the Earth Crawler Ape. No matter what they did they wouldn't be able to defeat it. His plan was only to distract the ape and Bryan would do his job.

"Okay, I know my role. I just need to steal that cherry, right?" Bryan nodded and glanced at the Mystical Light Cherry.

"Yeah, but you need to run away as fast as you can after you stole the cherry," Souta said.

"Okay." Bryan nodded as he rubbed his palm together.

All the n.o.bles and adventurers' attention was going to turn to Bryan once he stole the cherry. Also, the Earth Crawler Ape would chase after him.

That's why Souta asked him if he knew another spell that could raise his speed other than [Lightning Boots]. He replied to Souta by saying that he still has more spells that he hasn't show, so there's no need to worry.


The ape charged to the group of knights.

The young n.o.ble from Melosa Country was scared and he fell down on his b.u.t.t.

"Ah!! Stop that monster!!" He shouted while pointing at the Earth Crawler Apes with fear painted on his face.

The leader of the knights looked at his comrades. He raised his sword and stabbed it on the ground.


He imbued his mana in his sword, so his mana exploded snapping up his comrades.

"Don't be afraid, we're the proud knights of..." The leader of the knights shouted and he pulled out his sword before he charged towards the ape.


The rest of the knights also charged towards the apes. All of them gathered their mana in their weapons to make it more lethal.

The Earth Crawler Ape opened its mouth and it gathered its beast energy before it roared loudly towards the group of knights.


The roar dispersed all the mana that the knights gathered. The roar had beast energy in it so when the roar clashed with the mana they gathered, the mana got scattered.

"Since, we're weaker than that monster! Don't use any mana or spell! Just use our combat arts!" The leader of the knights shouted.

[Knight's Will]!!

All of them activated their skill. Their speed and strength increased greatly when they activated their skill.

The ape arrived in front of them and shot a powerful punch.


[Metallic Body]!!

The leader of the knights went in front of his comrades and blocked the punch using his sword. He used his combat arts to increase the defense of his body.


He was pushed back three meters away. The sword in his hand formed a cracked and he felt his hand going numb.


He said before he spat a mouthful of blood. Just from one punch, he took so much damage.


The rest of the knights formed a circle around the Earth Crawler Ape. All of them used their combat arts and attack the ape at the same time.

[Sword Light]!!

[Double Stab]!!

[Piercing Wave]!!

Several combat arts. .h.i.t the body of the Earth Crawler Ape. The ape lifted up its hand and covered its face. It let the combat arts. .h.i.t its body.




Suddenly, the ape swung its free arm and grabbed one of the knights. It raised the knight up in the air before it smashed it on the other knights.


This one move caused the other knights to stop moving. They all looked at their comrades.

The ape lifted up both of its hands above its head before it smashed the ground.


The ground shook heavily and it threw the balance of the knights. The knights fell down one by one before they got swept by the arm of the ape.





The other groups, who were watching the fight from the sideline, decided to step forward and took the initiative to steal the Mystical Light Cherry.

While the knights were fighting the Earth Crawler Ape, another group of knights stepped forward to help them.

"I'm Gredi, a knight of Yuven family. What family do you serve?" The leader of the knights asked the other one.

"I'm Vince, a knight of Giran family. Thank you for helping us." The leader of the knight of Giran family thanked the other leader for helping him.

"Don't worry we're all came from Melosa Country. It's okay if your the one who got the Mystical Light Cherry but no matter what happens, we wouldn't let the people from Hebrei Kingdom get it." Gredi said and he dashed towards the Earth Crawler Ape.

"You're right! We wouldn't let those people from Hebrei Kingdom acquire the cherry." Vince said and he also charged towards the ape.

Both of them was the leader of the knights in the group, so they have some skills that could injure the Earth Crawler Ape.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two leaders, Gredi and Vince, led the group to combat the Earth Crawler Ape. The two took the frontline and fought the ape side by side. Their power and teamwork were great that they managed to injure the Earth Crawler Ape in just a few blows.

While they were fighting the ape, a group of adventurers from Hebrei Kingdom went around to take the Mystical Light Cherry.

"Hehe~ were quite lucky." One of the adventurers with a bow behind him said with a laughed.

"Yes, boss. We would earn a lot of money from this cherry." His comrades nodded at his words.

Their group silently went around and slowly approached the Mystical Light Cherry. All of them were quite excited as they got closer to the cherry.

When they were twenty meters away from the cherry, the boss dashed with all of his strength and in just a few seconds he arrived in front of the cherry.

He quickly stretched out his hand and plucked out the fruit from the tree.

"I got it."

He smiled while looking at the small fruit in his hand.


A powerful roar echoed behind him. The Earth Crawler Ape ignored the knights in front of it and just went to the adventurer with high speed.

It caused him to quickly turned around and run as fast as possible.

"Stop attacking the monster and focus on getting the Mystical Light Cherry." The two leaders of the knight shouted. Both of them saw that an adventurer stole the fruit from the tree.

The knights followed the command of their leader and they quickly chased after the adventurers.

While the adventurers were running, their shadows suddenly shot upwards and strangled their bodies. It's not just the adventurers, the knights and the ape also were bound by their shadows.




"What the h.e.l.l?!" The boss of the adventurers shouted when his shadow bind him.

"Wha-" He was about to use his force to break free when a figure appeared in front of him.

The figure was clad in lightning and flame. It was none other than Bryan.

Bryan arrived in front of the adventurer before he shot a punch towards the stomach of the adventurer.


He then quickly took the Mystical Light Cherry from the hand of the adventurer.

"Got it!"

Bryan smiled before he turned around. Before he could run, a shadow covered him. He looked up and saw a huge boulder of rock flying toward him.


He rolled sideways barely avoiding the boulder of rock. He lifted up his head and saw the ape was running in his direction.

The Earth Crawler Ape was extremely powerful that a simple spell like [Shadow Bind] wasn't enough to stop it.

"Not good." Bryan looked around and found that the adventurers already surround him.

These adventurers also possessed some power as they could break free from level 5 [Shadow Bind] in just a few seconds.

"There's no other choice."

Bryan said as he disappeared from his position and reappeared in front of the nearest adventurer. He reached out his hand and grabbed the adventurer and threw it at the other adventurer.


Bryan's speed and power were greatly enhanced because of the various spells that were casted on him. Souta also casted his [Agility Boost] and [Strength Boost] on Bryan.


The Earth Crawler Ape and the knights were going to stop Bryan when their shadows moved upwards once again.

The ape simply shrugged the shadows and broke free from it.

But the knights were different they weren't as strong as the ape so it would take a few seconds before they could get themselves free from these shadows.

"The heck!" Gredi said as he grabbed the shadows and tore it apart.

"Who's the caster?" Vince looked around trying to find the caster of the [Shadow Bind] spell.

Both of them knew that Bryan wasn't the caster of this spell. Since Bryan was fighting the adventurers, he couldn't cast a spell to stop them.

At first, they thought that it was Bryan, but now it was the second time. It was impossible for Bryan to be the caster.

Suddenly, the area shook.


They turned their heads and saw that the Earth Crawler Ape was charging reddish energy in front of its mouth.

The ape opened its mouth widely and a red ball of energy formed in its mouth. It spun like a razor before it expanded.

The atmosphere in the surrounding area dropped as the ape charged its energy.


Souta who was about to kill the knights with Fred stopped when he saw the ape charged the beast energy. He immediately shouted at Bryan.

"Get down Bryan!!"

"Duck down!!"

Fred also shouted at the top of his lungs. He knew what's the Earth Crawler Ape was doing. The ape was charging the monster's unique and powerful skill, the [Bestrou].

[Bestrou] was a powerful attack skill of a monster. Only monster that formed its monster orb can use this skill. The monster will gather their beast energy or best feram and shot it like a powerful beam. The power behind [Bestrou] was devastating and it could even destroy a large part of a huge city.

The Earth Crawler Ape shot the beam towards Bryan.


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