Chapter 77 - Getting rich

Souta woke up in an unfamiliar ceiling.

"Ah~" He yawned and he stretched his body. He felt strangely refreshed. It feels that something heavy was gone.

It's been two days since the battle in the Desolate Woods.

"Morning~" A sweet voice came beside him.

Souta turned his head and saw a beautiful mature woman lying beside him. The woman has long white hair, white cat ears, and tail.

'Ah right, I stayed in a brothel.' Souta thought. He stayed here to vent out his feelings. He wouldn't be able to control his l.u.s.t if he doesn't let it out.

"Good morning," Souta replied to the woman. He then stood up and wore his clothes.

"You're quite wild, despite your stature." The woman teased him.

Souta could only smile wryly at her words. His height wasn't something he's proud of. For a goblin, he would consider himself a tall one but compare to humans and beastkin he was considered a short man.

It's true that once they entered the room, he became a different person. He let his l.u.s.t consumed him yesterday night. He did everything to the woman just to satisfy his desire.

"I haven't done in a long time," Souta said and he placed five gold coins on the table. "Your tip."

"Thanks, you can visit me again and I will give you a good time." The woman said seductively.

"Okay, I will also bring my friend, so you can recommend me to some of your friends at that time," Souta said as he exited the room.

He actually wanted to bring Bryan with him but once they entered the Ladros City Bryan disappeared like bubbles.

"With that innocent looks, I bet he will faint when he saw a woman's n.a.k.e.d body," Souta muttered in a low voice.


He went to the market to buy Yuko some fruits and meats that she likes. After that, he went to the ranch and fed Yuko.

He was going to skipped cla.s.s today. He had other things to do, so he will worry about the cla.s.s later.

He smiled as he imagined Lumilia's face when he skipped cla.s.s. After all, she reminded him and Bryan to not skip cla.s.s before they parted yesterday.

After he fed Yuko, he went inside the inn and took his bag with him. He opened his bag and saw the things inside.

He took out two containers containing the Rotten Venomous Green Apple and the flesh of the level 20 above undead.

"These two are for my evolution," Souta said then he took out a greenish orb.

This was the monster orb of a level 40 monster. Back then, when he was trying to get out of the Desolate Woods, he found a corpse of a monster that possessed a monster orb. So he took his time to get the monster orb.

"With this, I will get rich," Souta muttered as he held the monster orb in his hand. He could feel the best feram inside the orb. The powerful energy of the monsters.

With this, he wouldn't need to worry about money. He was really lucky that he found that monster.

"I will also form my own monster orb once I've reached level 40," Souta said and he placed back the monster orb inside the bag.

He picked up his sword and exited the room.


He went outside with Yuko. He wondered where should he sell this monster orb. If he handled it wrong then a lot of people were going after his monster orb. So he should be careful and shouldn't let any other people know the monster orb.

There were two merchants that came in his mind. It was Jimmy and the dwarf.

Jimmy was the merchants that he met when he was traveling towards Ladros City. He's one of the first people that Souta met in this world.

If he wasn't wrong, Jimmy was a member of the Lanny Group, a huge business corporation.

The other one was the dwarf from the Bullmar Village. He took the escort quest at that time to go to the Bullmar Village. It was when he goes underground with Jack and the other adventurers to save the village. He's real objectives at that time was the dark grade weapon [Vajra Sword Saya].

After that, the dwarf gave him some of his merchandise as a few for helping him repel the abnormal people.

These two merchants were the ones that came into his mind. He met a lot of merchants in Ladros City but these two were different.

"Since I don't know where the dwarf is, I should go to Jimmy," Souta muttered. He decided to go to Lanny Group as he doesn't even know what's the dwarf's name. So how would he find him if he doesn't know what's his name.

Souta turned around and face Yuko. He patted her head and said, "I'm going to buy a mansion for myself and farm for you with the money that I will receive. You don't have to stay in that cramped place."

"Mu." Yuko let out a comfortable sound.

"Hehe~ good girl. I'm going to spoil you. Hahaha after all I'm rich now." Souta laughed.

Yuko opened her eyes and looked at him with a confused expression. She was wondering why did he laugh all of a sudden.

"Let's go now." Souta turned around and said.

Yuko followed behind him quietly.


The two arrived in front of a huge building after walking for a dozen minutes. In front of the building was the name of the corporation written in bold letters.

The building had six floors in total and it was filled with employees wearing a black coat as their uniform.

"It's huge..." Souta muttered as he walked towards the door and slowly opened it.

Inside the building, he saw many stuff that was fetched at a high price. It looks like a modern reception. The receptionist was handling things with computers. The employees could even talk through with their earplugs.

'd.a.m.n, I should not call myself rich anymore.' Souta thought as he walked towards the receptionist.

"What can I do for you, sir?" The receptionist asked in a polite tone. She has long brown hair which was tied in a bun. Her height was quite tall for a woman and her uniform fitted her.

"Where is Jimmy?" Souta asked directly.

"Um... Can you wait here for a moment sir?" The receptionist asked him. Jimmy was one of the higher-ups of the Lanny Group and it's not like every people could meet him.

"Okay. Tell him that Souta is here." Souta nodded at her.

The receptionist looked at him wondering if he really knew Jimmy. She held her earplug and said something. She seemed to be talking to Jimmy through her earplugs.

After that, she faced Souta and said, "I will lead you inside, sir."

Souta nodded at her. He saw another woman came in the counter and replaced the receptionist.

The people inside who were dealing business with the corporation looked at Souta. They were wondering if he's a VIP as he could go in the upper floors and met one of the executives of the corporation.

Souta doesn't have any idea that Jimmy was one of the executives of the Lanny Corporation. He only knew that Jimmy was a part of this group. Well, it doesn't matter to him as long as he could earn benefits through his connection.

The receptionist guided Souta in front of one of the rooms on the top floor.

This was Jimmy's office.

The receptionist gently knocked on the door and said, "Sir, I brought him here."

"Okay, thanks." A voice sounded behind the door.

Souta knew who's voice was that. He grabbed the handle of the door and directly opened it. He saw Jimmy sitting on the chair at the back of the room.

"Good room," Souta commented as he looked around the room.

"Right?" Jimmy laughed at his words.

Souta knew that the things here came from the Mechanic Country. Jimmy wouldn't sell those things that he got from the Mechanic Country or else he would be hunted down.

Mechanic Country's technology was advanced and it gave them an advantage in war. The power of those flying vehicles, mechanical armor, long-distance communication device, and powerful advanced weapons. All of these dominated the countries around the Mechanic Country.

It was overwhelming. The power of Mechanic Country's army with their advanced weapon.

"How long it had been since we first met?" Jimmy said.

"Hmm... Two weeks since I enrolled in the Inst.i.tute." Souta said.

"Hahaha, you're quite famous nowadays. I've heard the rumors about the Tamer of the Red Fur Bear. That's you and Yuko, right?" Jimmy laughed.

"Well, no comment about that," Souta said then he took his bag from his back. "I have an offer to you."

"Oh~ tell me what it is?" Jimmy's expression turned into a serious one. When it comes to business Jimmy was always serious.

"Here." Souta took out the monster orb in his bag and placed it on top of Jimmy's table.

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